Microsoft Korea Supports the Advancement of Macrogen’s Genetic Analysis Environment

  • Introducing Microsoft Azure to advance the genetic analysis environment… Accelerating digital transformation
  • Establishing an optimal research environment through cloud… Providing technology and education accumulated based on global industry-specific experiences
  • Expecting dramatic increase in the availability and stability of NGS data operation through digital transformation

May 04, 2022 – Microsoft Korea is partnering with Macrogen, a global genetic analysis company, to support digital transformation for advancing its genetic analysis environment.

On May 3rd, Microsoft Korea signed a business agreement (MOU) with Macrogen for “the upgrade of the genetic analysis environment based on the 4th industrial revolution technology.” With this partnership, both companies are planning to establish a cooperative model that applies Microsoft’s advanced IT solutions and technical methods.

First, Microsoft supports the establishment of an advanced IT environment for the AI analysis of genomic bigdata. Macrogen, hence, is planning to accelerate its digital transformation by introducing MicrosoftAzure.

Microsoft also actively supports the establishment of a research environment that enables the optimal genetic analysis based on Azure. Microsoft is planning to provide technology and education accumulated from the variety of industry specific experiences around the globe. Especially dramatic increase in the availability and stability of next-generation sequencing (NGS) data operation is expected.

Changhoon Kim, CEO of Macrogen, said, “This partnership means significant in terms of preparing for digital transformation in the healthcare field in cooperation with a global cloud company.” Also said, “Macrogen has been diligently preparing for next-generation healthcare for 25 years, and as a digital healthcare company in the post-COVID-19 era that has advanced from a genetic analysis, will accelerate providing personalized health care solutions from the combination of AI with personal genome information, living information, and big data integrated medical information.”

Ji Eun Lee, CEO of Microsoft Korea, said, “Through this partnership, we have created a digital innovation leading case in the genomic analysis environment with a leading global genetic analysis company, Macrogen” and indicated, “Microsoft is continuing cooperation with not only globally but domestic healthcare companies due to the possession of a variety of excellent cloud technologies for the development of biotechnology and bio industries and will always be the best partner for industry development and digital transformation.”

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