LG CNS partners with Microsoft to expand AI and Cloud-based Digital Transformation with Microsoft Azure

  • New services will be developed using AI such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service
  • Businesses based on ‘Generative AI’ such as writing AI, drawing AI and voice implementation AI will be expanded

LG CNS, a DX company, will strengthen its partnership with Microsoft to accelerate business cooperation and AI and Cloud-based Digital Transformation.

On the 6th (local time), LG CNS and Microsoft held a Top Management Meeting at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Officials from both companies, including LG CNS CEO Hyun Shin-Gyoon and Microsoft EVP and CCO Judson Althoff, attended the meeting. This is the second TMM since January this year to continue their cooperation in AI and Cloud.

Since the integrated contract signed with Microsoft at the end of 2022, LG CNS has continuously discussed comprehensive cooperation measures to accelerate LG Group’s DX using Microsoft Azure. This includes the company’s migration plans and other various areas to bring digital technology, such as SAP ERP, Security, and Smart Factory.

On this day, LG CNS entered into a new collaboration with Microsoft Korea to cooperate in more businesses based on “Azure OpenAI Service”. Through this collaboration, the two companies plan to develop new services with AI technologies such building on Azure OpenAI Service. Azure OpenAI Service is an AI service on Microsoft Azure, utilizing the OpenAI’s large language models such as ChatGPT to provide AI functions such as language understanding, image analysis, and emotion analysis.

LG CNS and Microsoft will also cooperate in developing new services and solutions with Microsoft’s various data analysis and ML technologies and expanding the businesses in the field of “Generative AI” together. Generative AI is an algorithm in which AI that has learned a large amount of data creates new types of results on its own. Generative AI includes writing AI, drawing AI, and AI that implements human voices.

To this end, LG CNS will organize a special team with Microsoft for AI service development, consisting of AI and Cloud experts. LG CNS takes in charge of developing service such as AI Contact Center (AICC) and Knowledge Chatbot using Azure AI, while Microsoft provides advisory and technology support.

AICC is a future customer center that combines DX technology such as AI and Cloud. And Knowledge Chatbot is a chatbot designed to provide specific knowledge and information. After OpenAI released its conversational chatbot, ChatGPT, there have been active attempts to train AI with large amounts of company data and implement a Knowledge Chatbot for business. LG CNS is proving its excellent competitiveness by carrying out AI chatbot-building projects with large AICCs of KB Financial Group and Hyundai Motor. Last year, the company successfully completed Woori Bank’s counseling bot business.

In addition, LG CNS will discover new AI-based businesses with Microsoft for its customers across industries such as manufacturing, finance, retail, e-commerce, and gaming. Later, the company will explore business targets and scenarios for bringing AI with the selected customers.

Since declaring its cloud-first strategy in 2019, LG CNS has been strengthening its cooperation with Microsoft by establishing a “strategic cloud partnership” and conducting an “Azure Enablement Program” every year since 2020. Earlier this year, the company was named Azure Infrastructure Partner of the Year at Microsoft Korea Partner Awards. Based on this new partnership, the two companies plan to cooperate in various areas of AI technology and develop each other’s businesses.

LG CNS CEO Hyun Shin-Gyoon emphasized that “To leverage Microsoft’s innovative cloud infrastructure, data analysis capabilities, and Azure OpenAI Service, we will establish a cooperative foundation with Microsoft and create new AI services as quickly as possible to innovate customer values and lead the market.”

LG CNS press release

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