The first in North Chungcheong Province, a private investment-type Chungbuk Cloud Data Center to be built by 2028

On July 17, 2023, the Chungbuk Provincial Government signed an investment agreement to build a privately invested Chungbuk Cloud Data Center in Seochang Techno Valley with the participation of Cheongju City, Chungbuk Cloud Data Center (SPC), Microsoft Korea, and Chungbuk Technopark at the Chungbuk Provincial Government office.

This agreement is to build a cloud data center to respond to the growth of the cloud computing market due to the emergence of super-giant AI and the acceleration of digital transformation at home and abroad. The main content of the agreement is to provide administrative support necessary for the construction of a privately invested Chungbuk cloud data center, as well as cooperation between Microsoft and Chungbuk Technopark to foster companies in new business fields, nurture local talent, and operate overseas expansion programs for enterprises.

Centered on the Chungbuk Cloud Data Center, it is expected to discover business models linked to cloud centers, as well as the advancement of industries and the creation of new added value according to the digital transformation of local industries such as semiconductors, secondary batteries, and bio.

In particular, Chungbuk Technopark and Microsoft Korea have decided to actively cooperate in building the latest technology-based data center infrastructure to contribute to fostering and revitalizing local industries with artificial intelligence and cloud.

On the same day, Jun-young Lee, CEO of Chungbuk Cloud Data Center, said, “As Chungbuk is the center of Korea’s high-tech industry and ranks among the top in the country in semiconductors, secondary batteries, and biotechnology, it will play a great role in the development of the Chungbuk economy by discovering cloud center-linked business models through digital transformation and diversifying business.”

Myung-kyu Kim, Deputy Governor of Chungbuk Province said, “In the first year of the 8th civil election, we achieved investment attraction of more than 35 trillion won, and through this, we have grown into the center of Korea’s high-tech industry. This Chungbuk Cloud Data Center Investment Agreement is the first example of pivoting to expand the growth engine centered on the manufacturing industry to the service industry in accordance with the strategy of attracting investment in the second year, and it will be an opportunity to grow new data-related industries in Chungbuk through the construction of a cloud center in line with the global digital era transformation. We will also cooperate closely with Microsoft who attended the event today.”

Dave Sloan, CTO of Microsoft Global Market Development, who attended the signing ceremony, revealed, “We are privileged to participate in the hybrid cloud environment at the Chungbuk Cloud Data Center, and look forward to partnering with Chungbuk Technopark to strengthen corporate digital capabilities in the cloud and nurture companies in new industries with innovative technologies.”

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