Wrtn Technologies Inc. signs an agreement with Microsoft Korea to collaborate for generative AI solution

The South Korean AI Portal Service Company, Wrtn Technologies Inc. announced that the company signed an agreement with Microsoft Korea on October 5th to expand the use of Microsoft Azure across its AI tools.   

Wrtn operates a wide range of generative AI services, including AI chatbot, plugins, applications, and development tools, utilizing Azure OpenAI Service. With the agreement, the company plans to expand its use of Azure products, such as Azure Infrastructure and Azure DevOps Services for further service improvement.   

In addition, the two companies will collaborate in ▲ supporting stable operation of Wrtn services based on Azure in Korea and other non-English markets, ▲ technical cooperation to improve the performance and security of Wrtn’s generative AI tools, and ▲ nurturing and contributing to the enhancement of local AI ecosystem.  

Seyoung Lee, CEO of Wrtn Technologies, said, “We have experienced excellent data security and service stability of AI models such as ChatGPT and GPT-4 through Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. Of all, GPT-4 has the excellent language performance when it comes to the Korean language among various LLM models,” and added, “Microsoft is an ideal partner for AI service companies like Wrtn as they offer the world’s best model performance and serving technology as well as B2B customer responsiveness. With Microsoft’s startup-friendly business operation, we will strive to maximize the synergy between the two companies through the agreement.” 

Willy Cho, CEO of Microsoft Korea, stated, “Microsoft actively seeks out innovative ideas and technologies aimed at improving our daily lives. Through this agreement, we are committed to providing support to Wrtn in building the infrastructure and generative AI services that help nurture a vigorous AI start-up ecosystem, promote ongoing innovation, and improve customer experiences.” 

Wrtn Technologies Inc. is an unmatched leader of the generative AI application space in Korea. It has over one million users in only 7 months since its launch in January 2023. Also, it has successfully hosted Asia’s largest generative AI conference, ‘GAA 2023’ in May 2023 and is leading the public and corporate adoption of generative AI in Korea. It runs a ChatGPT-like application with its own set of plugins, agents, and content specifically localized for the Korean market. It has recently started operating in Japan as well. Wrtn aims to become the AI superapp in non-English markets by connecting various local services and contents to the foundation models. It has successfully raised KRW 15 billion (US$11.3 million) in its Series A round.

Press release: Wrtn Technologies Inc.

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