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Microsoft Takes Outlook.com Out of Preview, Starts Migrating Hotmail Users and Launches ‘Massive’ New Marketing Campaign
Feb. 18, 2013
“Six months after its initial launch, the preview of Outlook.com, Microsoft’s free webmail service that is meant to replace the aging Hotmail brand and design, now has over 60 million active users according to the company’s own data. …a very modern webmail client with numerous smart features like sweep (to quickly clean up your inbox) and active views (to track packages, etc.).”

Goodbye Hotmail, Hello Outlook
Feb. 18, 2013
“…Outlook.com is a far better service than Hotmail, with a radically decluttered interface and useful new organization tools. (I also like its interface — which is a variant of the Windows 8 look formerly known as Metro — better than Gmail’s.)”

Microsoft Starts Big Ad Push for Outlook.com Email
Feb. 18, 2013
Seattle Times
“Outlook.com could also serve as an entryway for consumers to other Microsoft offerings, given how integrated it is to products such as SkyDrive, Microsoft’s personal cloud service. …It’s all part of Microsoft’s ‘better together’ strategy that’s coming together, said Wes Miller, an analyst with independent research firm Directions on Microsoft.”

Is Hotmail Hotter Now That It’s Outlook.com?
Aug. 01, 2012
The Wall Street Journal
“Microsoft’s new Outlook.com looks elegant and has a remarkably user-friendly interface. If you’re overwhelmed by a cluttered inbox, want a better way to sort emails or need an easier way to share photos and files, Outlook.com is a winner.”

1 Million People Sign Up for Outlook Webmail in Less Than 24 hours
Aug. 01, 2012
“Was it just yesterday that Microsoft unveiled the new Outlook, which will replace Hotmail? I ask because in just six hours, the service reached a remarkable milestone.”

Outlook.com: Take a Tour of Microsoft’s Hotmail Replacement
July 31, 2012
“…Microsoft seems to understand the creating emails should have all the capabilities that a Word document has without any other hassle or fuss.”

Microsoft’s Outlook.com May Be One-Two Punch Against Google
July 31, 2012
“Microsoft’s new email service, Outlook.com, is more than an update to its free email offering. It’s also a one-two punch against major rival Google.”

Microsoft Launches Outlook.com, a Clean, Fresh Take on Webmail that Puts it Back in the Game
July 31, 2012
“Spend an hour in Outlook, and Gmail feels chaotic when you return.”

The Best Reason Yet To Ditch Gmail
July 31, 2012
“…Outlook is gorgeous—it’s the best-designed Web email service I’ve ever seen.”

Microsoft Did the Impossible: The New Hotmail Is Fantastic
July 31, 2012
“This isn’t just catchup with Gmail’s finely powdered facade—Microsoft has poured serious brainpower into making Outlook the most functional web client ever seen.”

Goodbye, Hotmail. Hello, Outlook.com
July 31, 2012
“The new Outlook has some impressive mail management smarts built in.”

Outlook.com Mail: Microsoft Reimagines Webmail
July 31, 2012
SuperSite for Windows
“You need to check out this service immediately: It’s better than whatever email service you’re using now.”

Outlook Is a Completely New, Feature-Filled Webmail Service from Microsoft
July 31, 2012
“Microsoft steps its game up to a whole new level with Outlook.”

Outlook.com Hands-on: Microsoft’s Gmail and Clutter Killer
July 31, 2012
“Where Outlook.com really pulls ahead is attaching large files. If you have a Skydrive account, you can send video clips or anything else that would otherwise exceed the 25 MB limit.”

Outlook.com Preview: Microsoft Reinvents its Online Email Offerings
July 31, 2012
“We highly suggest giving it a try, even if you think Gmail is the greatest thing since sliced bread — yours truly, for one, might just convert full-time.”

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