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Microsoft Security Response Center
Official corporate security response

Security Research & Defense
Information from Microsoft about vulnerabilities, mitigations and workarounds, active attacks, security research, tools and guidance

Trustworthy Computing
Perspectives on security, privacy, online safety and reliability topics

Microsoft Malware Protection Center
Threat research & response

Microsoft Security Blog
Discussions about industry and Microsoft security topics

Microsoft Privacy & Safety
Privacy and safety policy initiatives, product news, and perspectives from across Microsoft

Security Tips and Talk
Tips about computer security, online safety, and privacy

Ecosystem Strategy
A broader look at Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing and work with industry experts

Security Development Lifecycle
Tools, guidance and information for developing more secure software

Microsoft BlueHat
Information about technical security issues, innovative techniques and best practices from Microsoft’s BlueHat security conference.

Roger Halbheer’s Security Blog
Interesting information from Chief Security Advisor of Microsoft EMEA

Microsoft Blogs

Microsoft On The Issues Blog
News and perspectives on legal, public policy and citizenship topics

The Official Microsoft Blog
News and perspectives from Microsoft

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Security and privacy efforts for Microsoft – from the inside

Privacy and online safety guidance and information

Microsoft’s official security response team

Microsoft Malware Protection Center team

Microsoft’s Security Development Lifecycle team

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