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Reprogramming the American Dream

From Rural America to Silicon Valley - Making AI Serve Us All

In this timely book written from the perspective of a technologist whose life started in rural America and wound its way to Silicon Valley, Kevin Scott, Microsoft’s chief technology officer tackles one of the most critical issues facing society today: the future of artificial intelligence and how it can be realistically used to serve the interests of everyone, not just the privileged few.


Hear Kevin Scott and JD Vance talk about AI and the American dream


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About the book

There are two prevailing stories about AI: for rural and heartland workers with 20th century skills, a dystopian tale of steadily increasing job destruction; for urban knowledge workers and the professional class, a utopian tale of enhanced productivity and convenience. But there is a third way to look at this technology that will revolutionize the workplace and ultimately the world. Kevin Scott argues that AI has the potential to create opportunity for everyone and help solve some of our most vexing problems.


As the chief technology officer at Microsoft, advisor, and investor, Kevin is deeply involved in the development of AI applications, yet mindful of their potential impact on workers—perspective he gained firsthand growing up in rural Virginia. Yes, the AI Revolution will radically disrupt economics and employment for everyone for generations to come. But what if leaders prioritized the programming of both future technology and public policy to work together to find solutions ahead of the coming AI epoch? Like public health, the space program, climate change and public education, we need international understanding and collaboration on the future of AI and work. For Scott, the crucial question facing all of us is this: How do we work to ensure that the continued development of AI allows us to keep the American Dream alive?

In this thoughtful, informed guide, Kevin offers an insightful roadmap to find the answer. He hopes that readers and leaders learn to appreciate the needs of those not living in prosperous urban areas, as well as support initiatives such as rural broadband and digital skills for the workforce of the future.

Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott

Kevin Scott
Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft

Kevin Scott’s 20-year career in technology spans both academia and industry as researcher, engineer and leader. As the executive vice president and chief technology officer of Microsoft, Scott drives the company’s technical vision forward, and is passionate about creating technologies that benefit everyone. He is also host of the podcast, Behind the Tech, which features interviews with technology heroes who have helped create our modern world.


Scott is an adviser to several Silicon Valley startups, a co-inventor on several patents, an active angel investor, the founder of the non-profit organization Behind the Tech, a member of the Anita Borg Institute’s Board of Trustees and a trustee of The Scott Foundation. He also serves on the Advisory Council for Stanford University’s Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (Stanford HAI) and the Leadership Council for Harvard’s Technology for Public Purpose (TAPP) program. A recipient of a Google Founder’s Award, Scott received an Intel Ph.D. Fellowship and an ACM Recognition of Service award.