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Microsoft launches next stage of skills initiative after helping 30 million people

Join us: Job seekers, nonprofits and governments 

This initiative will bring together every part of our company, combining existing and new resources from LinkedIn, GitHub, and Microsoft.  

Job Seekers

To access newly available tools and resources, job seekers can visit to begin pursuing in-demand technology skills for free across LinkedIn, Microsoft Learn and GitHub.


In addition to using data to understand the most in-demand roles, Microsoft will share that data with governments so they can better understand the issues and we’ll use our voice on employment and training public policy issues around the world.

Learn more about:
Microsoft and LinkedIn’s policy response recommendations
Jobs and skills data from LinkedIn’s Economic Graph


Microsoft will provide financial grants and technical support to nonprofit organizations to enable our skilling initiative for 5 million unemployed workers who need it most. Learn more

Learning around the world

See how many people are participating by country and the most popular learning paths

Skills and jobs analysis

Explore analysis of unemployment crisis and opportunity to create jobs in the digital economy.

The Microsoft PowerBI graphs are interactive, please explore and navigate using your keyboard or screen reader.

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