After 40 years, creativity is still at the heart of Adobe

In this episode of “Digital Now,” Cynthia Stoddard, Adobe senior vice president and chief information officer, says that the creative spirit that has always flourished at Adobe – famous for its groundbreaking tools for designers, producers, developers and photographers – now extends to the company’s digital transformation initiatives.

She shares the example of Lab82, named for the year Adobe was born, where employees have an opportunity to use and react to collaborative workspaces before they are widely deployed. She also explains how the company uses data to inform automation that “eliminates toil” so that employees can focus on what’s important.

“Digital Now” is a video series hosted by Andrew Wilson, chief digital officer at Microsoft, who invites friends and industry leaders inside and outside of Microsoft to share how they are tackling digital and business transformation, and explores themes like the future of work, security, artificial intelligence and the democratization of code and data.

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