UK health care site Patient.Info empowers patients to make informed choices

One of the biggest impacts of technology on health care has been the ability to turn your home into a basic GP surgery. Smartwatches can measure your heart rate and blood pressure; digital assistants can remind you to exercise; you can video chat with your doctor via your laptop.

As one of the most popular medical websites in the UK, Patient.Info is at the forefront of this shift to monitoring and managing health conditions as part of your regular day. More than 100 million people logged on to the site in 2018 to read articles about health care, check symptoms and learn to live a healthier life.

“The objective is to empower people to make informed choices,” says chief executive Jason Keane. “Patient.Info plays a critical role in not only being able to give people the ability to make informed choices, because the content is written and peer reviewed by GPs, but it makes the entire experience very safe and secure in one tool.”

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