Global events in the new normal: If you stream it, they will come

In this episode of “Digital Now,” Bob Bejan, Microsoft corporate vice president, Global Events, Production Studios and Marketing Community, explains how the pandemic accelerated the evolution of digital events. Today’s hybrid events, he says, preserve the best elements of face-to-face encounters while offering the scale and inclusion of digital delivery. 

The leader of “a very creative team working within a very engineering-oriented company” shares the example of Microsoft Ignite, which in October drew 8,000 participants to its in-person regional events, and a whopping 230,000 online, smashing its previous record of 24,000 participants at an in-person event in Orlando, Florida in 2019.  

“Digital Now” is a video series hosted by Andrew Wilson, chief digital officer at Microsoft, who invites friends and industry leaders inside and outside of Microsoft to share how they are tackling digital and business transformation, and explores themes like the future of work, security, artificial intelligence and the democratization of code and data. 

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