How Azure became the cloud that delivered customer value faster

In this episode of “Digital Now,” Scott Guthrie, executive vice president, Cloud + AI Group, Microsoft, explains how the company convinced customers to bet on the cloud.

In the early days of Azure, Guthrie says, Microsoft became a strategic partner to our customers, rather than just a vendor, a relationship that encouraged organizations to move mission-critical workloads to the cloud. Now, he says, Azure is running in hospitals, manufacturing facilities, governments, legislatures – even in space and underseas.

“Digital Now” is a video series hosted by Andrew Wilson, chief digital officer at Microsoft, who invites friends and industry leaders inside and outside of Microsoft to share how they are tackling digital and business transformation, and explores themes like the future of work, security, artificial intelligence, and the democratization of code and data.

Also in this episode, Guthrie and Wilson discuss how companies on a cloud journey can move beyond migrating existing workloads to achieving elasticity, how the cost savings of managed services often result in a greater investment in innovation, and why our customers’ IT teams are attaining hero status.

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