TD Bank Group invests in data to deliver exceptional customer service

For TD Bank Group, great customer service isn’t good enough. One of the largest banks in North America will settle for nothing less than legendary.

But TD knows that keeping up with the expectations of its 26 million customers and anticipating their needs is critical. So the company is leveraging its investment in Azure to create legendary experiences and deepen its relationships with customers.

“Five years ago, it was enough to provide online bill pay or mobile balance inquiries,” says Imran Khan, head of Digital Experience at TD. “Customers still appreciate those conveniences, but now they’re looking to us to provide additional services and proactive advice to help them make better decisions. They expect more intelligent services to help them feel financially confident.”

TD has been innovating in the digital space for many years and currently has more than 13 million digitally active customers. With the move to Azure, TD gains the scalability, agility and flexibility of the cloud, and sets the stage for more complex information processing capabilities that used to take engineers significantly more time.

“For advanced processing, the cloud is a great option,” says Khan. “We’ve unlocked tremendous possibilities for unearthing new customer insights and making new connections that drive better experiences and increase customer engagement.”

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