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A dAI in the life of Miri Rodriguez 

The 45-year-old writer and wellness blogger uses AI to help her research and consider other viewpoints — as well as to connect with her sons.

Miri Rodriguez is a storyteller for a Microsoft sales team focused on the health and public sector industries, and she runs her own wellness business and blog. She lives in Miami with her husband and has two sons in college. 

AI tools help her consider different viewpoints and be more inclusive as she writes in English and Spanish for different groups around the world. “I have my own biases and experiences as a Latina immigrant woman who grew up in Venezuela,” Rodriguez says, “and Bing Chat helps me remove those biases by giving me context about what’s happening in different parts of the world so I can consider the right words for my specific audiences.”  

She also recalls spending too much time last year reading reports just to find one relevant insight. “Now AI can scan and summarize for me,” she says, “so I have more time to focus on the creative aspects of my work, as well as more time for myself and my family.” 

Rodriguez, 45, shares a typical day as part of Microsoft’s “A dAI in the life” series, which showcases how AI tools are helping people do more in their personal and professional lives. 

9 a.m. 

I drink my green juice while I ask Bing Chat to tell me a positive affirmation to get my day started with mindfulness and intention. Today’s affirmation inspires me, so I ask Bing to turn it into an Instagram post and to suggest images to match so I can later create and schedule content for my wellness company. 

9:15 a.m. 

I use the Teams intelligent meeting recap tool to help prioritize and remind me about follow-ups and tasks I need to do today. 

10 a.m. 

I ask Bing Chat Enterprise to tell me about recent news that may affect a specific audience in a particular region that I’m writing a customer success story for, then edit the piece accordingly to make sure the message will land well. I appreciate that Bing provides me with the sources for its information so I can verify the content.  

11 a.m. 

I submit a conference agenda with suggested topics into Bing Chat and ask for input on anything I may have missed or should consider that will be relevant to this specific event’s audience, then make updates to the original agenda and proposed topics accordingly. 

11:30 a.m. 

I use Microsoft Teams Tasks to assign co-author responsibilities for a blog series I’m currently writing at work and ensure timelines are established for publication. 

12 p.m. 

While I eat lunch, I write an “I’m thinking of you” text to send to my friend group and to my sons in college, then ask Bing to interpret it with emojis that only Gen X uses (for my friends) and Gen Z uses (for my sons). 

3 p.m. 

I ask Bing to translate a recently written blog into neutral Spanish that avoids regional variations, then use the Word Editor feature in Word to see the Editor Score and Refinement suggestions. 

AI for your dAI: I’m trying to learn a new language. Can you suggest some helpful strategies and resources? 

4 p.m. 

I finalize a communications campaign plan I’m working on in PowerPoint, then use Designer ideas to make it visually appealing before the fast-approaching deadline. 

6 p.m. 

I seek Bing’s creative input for compelling content ideas that align with my wellness brand and ask for a concise summary of my recent wellness blog post to fit within a snappy, five-second Instagram voiceover. I love how Bing’s creative features help enhance my content strategy, from refining a post to appeal to diverse audiences, to suggesting captivating color schemes that will improve my mindfulness company website. 

8 p.m. 

I write a poem for my 5-year-old nephew, then run it past Bing Chat to make sure it’s written in a way a child will understand. I love how AI helps us connect with one another across generations and locations. 

AI for your dAI: Write a haiku about the Grand Canyon 

9 p.m.  

I’m learning about the awakening of divine feminine energy. There’s a lot of information out there, so I ask Bing to help me understand where I am in the awakening process. This gives me a place to start contemplating in an informed manner — a sort of north compass of where I want to go in my own wellness journey. 

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Story as told to Microsoft Source writer Susanna Ray.

Lead photo by Scott Eklund/Red Box Pictures; other images provided by Miri Rodriguez.