June 23, 2014
If big data is a symphony, Amir Netz is the conductor

The video in question, which is easily found on YouTube, shows Netz introducing Power BI for Office 365 to an audience of thousands at the 2013 World Partner Conference. Watch it and you’ll see a TED-quality speaker who pretty much owns the room.

May 27, 2014
Workshop discusses big data’s role in responding to catastrophic events

Supporting humanitarian relief and disaster management efforts has become part of Microsoft’s commitment to developing technology solutions, tools and practices that can foster social and economic change. This includes deploying emergency connectivity kits, enabling communications for aid workers and first responders, or developing mapping tools and imagery to enhance response organizations’ analysis and resource deployment planning.

April 18, 2014
Holograph project brings interactive 3D platform to big data

Curtis Wong, the Microsoft Research scientist who gave the world the WorldWide Telescope, demonstrated a project called Holograph during Microsoft Research’s Silicon Valley TechFair Thursday. It’s an interactive, 3D data-visualization research platform that can render static and dynamic data above or below the plane of a display, using a variety of 3D stereographic techniques.