June 14, 2011
Scientists Unfolding Protein Mystery, Fighting Disease with Windows Azure

Microsoft has partnered with the University of Washington’s Baker Laboratory to help scientists supercharge the computing power of their protein folding research with Windows Azure. Helping scientists get faster results could mean speeding up cures for Alzheimer’s, cancers, salmonella, and malaria.

June 13, 2011
Creative Kids Win Kodu Video Game Design Competition

On Monday, Microsoft announced the winners of its first U.S.-based Kodu Cup, a competition for young video game designers. The entries were created with Kodu, a kid-friendly programming language developed by Microsoft Research’s Future Social Experiences (FUSE) Labs.

May 9, 2011
Back to the Past: Bill Buxton Shows Off 35 Years of Tech Devices

Microsoft Research’s Bill Buxton has unboxed, unearthed, and organized his personal collection of interactive tech devices gathered over the last 35 years. The collection will be on display at an international interaction design conference this week and could end up as a display in a museum.

February 24, 2011
Slide Show: Exploring a World of Natural User Interfaces

Microsoft Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie gathered with individuals from across the company this week for a day of futuristic demos showcasing natural user interfaces, 3D technologies and new ways to interact with computers. Get a behind-the-scenes look.