November 13, 2013
Here’s why Surface Pro 2 is so fast and furious

The Surface team has gotten a lot of positive feedback about Surface Pro 2, including how it “feels” so much faster and better. And along with the praise has come some questions about how exactly Surface Pro 2 changed from Surface Pro.

October 29, 2013
Dr. Nick Patel makes his rounds with a Surface Pro

On Tuesday the Surface Blog presented a video with Dr. Nick Patel from Columbia, South Carolina, on how the Surface Pro has helped him to increase his efficiency while also improving the interactions he has with his patients.

September 13, 2013
International explorer goes up the Ganges with Surface Pro

Jake Norton has traveled the world climbing some of the most storied peaks on the planet, from Africa to Asia and beyond. Now he’s tracing the path of the Ganges River in India, and reporting on his travels using a Surface Pro, which he calls his “dream tool.”

September 12, 2013
See how cinematographer Chayse Irvin uses his Surface Pro

The Surface team recently caught up with Irvin in New York while he was filming “Soak,” a short for his company Cinematique. See the video and read the blog post to find out how Irvin uses his Surface Pro to get more done on the go.