February 22, 2014
Tote your notes with OneDrive and OneNote

An update to the OneNote Windows 8.1 app gives you support for OneDrive, larger handwriting and quicker, easier access to notes’ locations. The update also makes improvements in accessibility by using Narrator to read your notes.

January 17, 2014
How OneNote makes life easier for one family on the go

William Devereux got his seven-member family using OneNote originally as a “place to store a list of Wi-Fi network IDs and passwords where we all could access them.” In the three years since then, OneNote has become the go-to resource for the household for much more.

December 5, 2013
OneNote videos can inspire you to organize your work, plan events and take class notes

If you’re a fan of OneNote you’re probably pretty psyched about the recent significant update to the OneNote Windows Store app that improves how you capture, find and view your notes. Now a quartet of short videos can help you make the most out of new features that include Recent Notes and Page Previews – complete with text, images and ink for all of your notes.