February 11, 2014
How to plan your perfect day of romance with a little help from Windows 8.1

Trying to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day experience? Windows 8.1 can help, with a variety of projects and apps at the ready for romance. If you’re not sure which approach you want to choose, read the post by Amanda Epley on the Windows Experience Blog, which helps you decide depending on your relationship situation.

January 31, 2014
Good news for games: New Direct3D uses tiled resources for more efficient memory and stream data

As part of Windows 8.1, the latest version of Direct3D (part of DirectX 11.2) introduces a powerful new feature for games: tiled resources, which allows games to be more efficient with memory and stream data. As the Extreme Windows Blog explains, “This means better frame rates and more immersive game worlds. And the best part? Many of you will already have a PC that supports it!”

January 17, 2014
Tips for using your own images to personalize Windows 8.1

It’s easy to make Windows 8.1 truly yours by adding your own images to the user interface. One feature for doing that lets you create panoramic backgrounds for dual monitors; another enables you to use your own photo as a picture password for better security.