September 30, 2013
Windows Phone Week kicks off for developers – join an event near you

What happens when an Italian, a Dutch, and a Brazilian developer all get on a Skype call to talk about Windows Phone? This happened recently, and in addition to a jovial conversation about pizza, stroopwafels, and feijoada, an idea emerged about how to ignite global interest in the mobile platform that brought them all together.

September 27, 2013
Best Buy Windows Phone app a best bet for electronics shopping

This free app makes it even easier to shop Best Buy’s catalog and find great deals. You can easily compare products, find stores, and even check for smartphone upgrade opportunities. Have a favorite Best Buy store in your neighborhood? Pin it to your Start screen and it’ll update with specials that pop to your attention at a glance.

September 18, 2013
Join the Pork Side in ‘Angry Birds Star Wars II’ for Windows Phone

If you’ve ever played the ridiculously addictive original “Angry Birds Star Wars” game, this sequel pretty much sells itself. But “Angry Birds Star Wars II” for Windows Phone doubles down on the action by letting you decide if you want to use the Force for good – or take a darker path by joining up with the greedy Pork Federation.