August 21, 2014
Use FaceGame on Yammer to put names to faces

It’s a simple 30-second challenge that helps you to learn and remember your colleagues’ names, and is generated by a custom learning algorithm that integrates with Yammer’s enterprise social network. You sign up with one click, and then you can take the quiz instantly (photos and names are automatically organized from your Yammer account).

August 4, 2014
Yammy: The first blue plush tech mascot…in space

A recently released video that shows Yammer’s plush blue mascot soaring above the earth has generated all kinds of interest on social media. The Yammer Blog followed up on questions people raised with some answers on the behind-the-scenes teamwork it took to pull off Yammy’s great adventure.

July 25, 2014
Latest Yammer tips include text searches in uploaded PDFs

As with each of the three previous posts, this one lays out six tips, including the handy fact that you can search text in PDFs uploaded to Yammer. You can also create a table of contents in a group’s Info tab by hyperlinking to other conversations on your Yammer network.