Ployphan Dyrendal’s 8 Tips for Modern Moms to Become #WomenInCtrl

 |   Pornravee Suramool


Working and raising kids at the same time is not an easy undertaking for moms in this day and age. Fortunately, new inventions in digital era offer modern women the ability to keep things under control on their own terms, allowing them to fulfill every role in life in a harmonious, awe-inspiring way. Ployphan Dyrendal, a modern ‘super mom’ who juggles the duties of an always-on-the-go flight attendant, a multi-business entrepreneur, a caring mother who dedicates quality time for her kids, and the writer behind “My Sweet Escape” family travelogues, is here with some quality tips for modern moms to keep it all in control.

  1. Take notes – There are a lot of things to get done in one day, no matter at work or with the kids. Note taking is an absolutely essential tool for busy mothers to keep your head in order and avoid forgetting things. Otherwise, things could be a lot messier. As I have to travel regularly, I take notes on either my phone or the Surface Pro 4, which comes with a pen and works just like a paper notebook.
  2. Keep a tablet close by – As a flight attendant, I have to travel overseas all the time. Ploy with Surface Pro 4As a businesswoman, I have to go meet all sorts of people. That means I have to work on the go. The Surface Pro 4 is the ideal companion that makes my life much easier, and thanks to a body that is just 8.4mm thin and weighs in at 766 grams, I can take it anywhere with me. Moreover, I can use Skype, a video call application on Surface Pro 4, to call my kids to check that everything is ok while I’m away as well as to con call my business partners to discuss about work.
  3. Collaborate – On top of having to-do lists on a tablet, I own multiple businesses and need applications that allow me to work smoothly with my team even if we do not meet face-to-face. OneNote is just the app for me. I can take notes, update sales data, share ideas, draw pictures, or even attach images or videos from the web right there on the page. It is truly an all-in-one app.
  4. Pen – I cannot live a day without pens. In fact, I need to have two with me at all times. One is a normal pen for signing documents – both Ploy with kids 1for work and for my kids. The other is the Surface Pen, which comes with the Surface Pro 4 and can be used to take notes for work or draw pictures with my kids in great apps like Fresh Paint for some quality time together.
  5. Backups for a rainy day – I always keep everything on my phone and tablet, no matter documents from work or memorable photos of my children. It would be terrible to lose all this data. That is why I have everything backed up on the cloud, so I can prevent losses and free up space on my devices. I really like Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage, which works on every device – no matter if they’re Apple or Android.
  6. Security first – With everything stored in my devices, I have to trust in the security of my stuff. With the Surface Pro 4, I don’t have to worry about this at all thanks to Windows 10’s security features. Windows Hello facial recognition keeps my data safer than the usual passwords and lets me log in conveniently all the time – even when my hands are full – by just looking at the screen. Built-in features like Windows Defender and SmartScreen also protect me from viruses, and regular updates from Microsoft ensure that my data is always safe.
  7. Quality time for myself – No matter how busy I am with work or my kids, I have to spend at least an hour a day to relax, restore my energy, and do something for myself. This could be doing my hair, some manicure, online shopping, or just exercising in a park. When my kids are in bed, I use the Surface Pro 4 to watch my favorite TV series as it has a sharp screen that does not harm my eyesight, plus a pair of quality speakers. These simple things can really help power me up.
  8. Stay positive – No matter how exhausted I am, I always think that it is just a bad day and not a bad life. I can find happiness from the little things that are already around me – from sweet birdsongs to the calmness of Sunday morning city streets or the lush green leaves of a tree. Things like these give me a simple kind of everyday happiness.