SCB TechX strengthens collaboration with Microsoft to boost operational efficiency for enterprise customers through integrated digital solutions

SCB TechX Company Limited (SCB TechX), a leading expert in digital technology dedicated to developing applications and providing platform-as-a-service within the SCBX Group, is pleased to announce an expanded collaboration with Microsoft (Thailand) Co., Ltd., elevating its status to a Solution Partner. This strategic partnership is designed to boost the operational efficiency of enterprise customers, enabling them to seamlessly adapt to evolving business needs and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Through this collaboration, SCB TechX aims to enhance its capabilities, augment the skills and experience of its team, and establish itself as a specialized solution partner proficient in delivering integrated digital and application innovation. Additionally, the focus will be on constructing the infrastructure of Azure Cloud, thereby positioning SCB TechX as a key player in this domain. These newly acquired skills will empower SCB TechX to cater to the diverse needs of enterprise customers, including the development of cloud-native applications, seamless cloud migration, and the provision of a platform facilitating the management of cloud infrastructure through Microsoft Azure Cloud. Ultimately, this partnership endeavors to elevate operational efficiency for corporate customers by providing the flexibility to customize Azure Cloud usage according to their organizational requirements.

Mr. Trirat Suwanprateeb, Chief Executive Officer of SCB TechX Company Limited, noted, “SCB TechX has achieved certification for an upgrade to Microsoft Solution Partner status, enhancing its capacity to leverage Microsoft technology. This accreditation enables SCB TechX to deliver tailored services efficiently to corporate clients, particularly through the utilization of Microsoft Azure Service. The focus is on aligning with the unique needs of each client while maximizing the benefits of Microsoft technologies. Furthermore, SCB TechX places a strong emphasis on establishing a robust foundation for systems right from the outset. By adopting the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework, the company aims to design and construct cloud infrastructure for corporate clients, ensuring agility, convenience, speed, and precision. This approach also prioritizes cybersecurity measures in alignment with industry standards, instilling confidence and trust in corporate clients regarding the reliability and security of the services provided. This commitment to a secure and efficient foundation precedes collaborative efforts with Microsoft to foster innovations and develop new products. SCB TechX’s partnership with Microsoft is geared toward supporting operations and enhancing options for enterprise customers, ultimately contributing to the overall efficiency of their businesses.”

“At present, SCB TechX specializes in providing services for the development of the SCB EASY mobile banking application tailored for Siam Commercial Bank. Our dedicated team of software developers adheres to the rigorous Software Development Life Cycle and DevSecOps methodologies, ensuring the ongoing maintenance of application quality and security. In addition to these practices, we leverage Azure Infrastructure for seamless application deployment, utilizing services such as Azure Virtual Machine, Azure Kubernetes Service, and Azure Database. Introducing Infrastructure-as-a-Code, a proprietary solution developed by our team, we streamline the creation of Azure Resources. This not only facilitates rapid resource creation but also ensures adherence to standards in Cloud Usage management. Clients can rest assured that our expertise, garnered from successful collaborations with Siam Commercial Bank and other entities within the SCBX group, is reflected in our approach. SCB TechX is committed to sharing this knowledge and capability to empower corporate customers, enabling them to thrive and swiftly adapt to the dynamic demands of the market with efficiency,” added Mr. Trirat.

Mr. Dhanawat Suthumpun, Managing Director at Microsoft (Thailand) Co., Ltd., revealed, “SCB TechX stands out as a crucial partner that seamlessly blends extensive experience and expertise in enterprise-level operations with the agility characteristic of a startup. Their profound knowledge and understanding of the unique requirements of Thai organizations make them an invaluable ally. These attributes perfectly align with the qualities we seek in our partner network, enabling us to collectively leverage technology from Microsoft’s world-class platform in a manner that best addresses the specific needs of customers in Thailand. Collaborating with SCB TechX as a Solution Partner marks a significant stride in our shared commitment to propelling Thailand into the forefront of the transformative era with AI and cloud technologies.”