Microsoft Honors Partners of The Year and Announces Commitment to Drive Startup Unicorns at Microsoft Thailand 2019

Aiming to create partner ecosystem to drive business growth on a global scale 

 Bangkok, 29 November 2019 – Microsoft Thailand, led by its Managing Director, Mr. Dhanawat Suthumpun, recently celebrated the success of business partners at the Microsoft Thailand Inspire 2019 event, where top partners were recognized with “Partner of The Year” awards in 14 categories. Microsoft Thailand is committed to developing a partner ecosystem that is designed to drive exponential growth through customer-oriented approaches and providing wider business opportunities that will help them achieve global unicorn status, leading to the mutual success of customers, partners and the company itself in the cloud and AI era. 

Mr. Dhanawat Suthumpun, Managing Director of Microsoft Thailand, said, “I would like to congratulate all our partners who have received this year’s awards for their constant support and trust in Microsoft. We continue to focus on customer-driven operations and our partners have played a significant role in helping us achieve that goal. An IDC survey found that, in 2020, 70% of the revenue of cloud service providers will be driven by their partners. We would therefor like to encourage our partners to step out of comfort zone to find new solutions together with us to break our capacity limits and address customers’ needs that are growing more customized than ever before in this era where technology has disrupted business. I believe that learning new things together will help us grow and successfully drive customers to achieve their goals, meaning a win-win situation for everyone. 

Mr. Somsak MukdavannakornOne Commercial, Small and Midmarket Solutions & Partners LeadMicrosoft Thailand, said, “Over the past year, Microsoft has achieved its goal of creating global visibility for Thai businesses by promoting our partners’ solutions through Microsoft Marketplace, which is inhabited by more than 20,000 partners across the world. Apart from broadening business opportunities for partners, they can also leverage technology and knowledge available in the Marketplace to grow their solutions and be part of the IP Co-Sell initiative that offers capable partners the unique opportunity to reach customer needs and accelerate revenue through Microsoft’s cloud platform. The company also assists in marketing campaigns to help them reach global customers as well as shares solutions from other countries with partners so that they can apply and offer them to address the more varied needs of their customers in Thailand. In addition, Microsoft has implemented a policy to empower Thai startups by supporting and creating opportunities for Thai startup partners to successfully achieve unicorn status.  

Celebrating our partners’ achievements 

Microsoft Thailand Inspire 2019 marked its first year with Partner of The Year 2019 awards presented in 14 categoriesThe awards were given to the partners to recognize their potential in applying Microsoft’s innovations and solutions to best satisfy the varied needs of their customersThe criteria for these awards also included the number of new customers won, product sales, practical solution utilization, expertise in Microsoft’s products and services, transforming prior technologies and solutions to the cloud, integrating cloud technologies into services for customers, cloud services that meet the needs of customers, and high and consistent level of satisfaction from customers and Microsoft’s employees. 

Companies honored with Partner of The Year 2019 awards in 14 categories are: 

No.  Award Category  Award Winner(s) 
1  Modern Workplace Partner of the Year 2019 
  1. g-able | Mverge 
2  Applications & Infrastructure Partner of the Year 2019 
  1. Terabyte Net Solutions Public Company Limited 
3  Data & AI Partner of the Year 2019 
  1. MFEC Public Company Limited 
4  Business Applications Partner of the Year 2019 
  1. Bhatara Progress Company Limited 
5  Solutions Innovation – Partner of the Year 2019 – Modern Workplace 
  1. FRONTIS Company Limited 
  1. M.I.S. Outsourcing Company Limited 
6  Solutions Innovation – Partner of the Year 2019 – Applications & Infrastructure 
  1. Terabyte Net Solution Public Company Limited 
7  Solutions Innovation – Partner of the Year 2019 – Data & AI 
  1. FRONTIS Company Limited 
  1. Sertis Company Limited 
8  Solutions Innovation – Partner of the Year 2019 – Business Applications 
  1. Innoviz Solutions Company Limited 
9  ISV Partner of the Year 2019 
  1. JDA Software Asia Pte Ltd 
  1. Buzzebees Company Limited 
  1. Digital Dialogue Company Limited 
10  Microsoft Distribution Partner of the Year 2019 
  1. VST ECS (Thailand) Company Limited 
11  Microsoft Licensing Solution Partner of the Year 2019 
  1. MFEC Public Company Limited 
12  Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner (CSP) of the Year 2019 
  1. VST ECS (Thailand) Company Limited 
  1. rhipe Technology (Thailand) Company Limited 
13  Microsoft Best SMB Reseller Partner of the Year 2019 
  1. Bhatara Progress Company Limited 
14  Surface Partner of the Year 2019 
  1. CipherMED Company Limited 

Ms. Pajaree SaengcumChief Business Solutions & Services Officer, G-ABLEsaid, “As a Microsoft partner who focuses on driving the modern workplace, we are glad to play a role in pushing forward Microsoft’s solutions on the Thai market. Nowadays, digital transformation is close to home and we believe that Microsoft’s tools and solutions will continue to effectively drive digital transformation in the future. 

Mr. Boonchai Tungwattanapornchai, Executive Director, Terabyte Net Solution Public Company Limited, said, “I am proud and glad to be honored with the awards today. I would like to thank everyone at Microsoft for always providing great support for Terabyte Net Solution Public Company Limited. The awards that we have received today come from our great partnership with Microsoft. I would also like to thank my team for their commitment and dedication in creating new solutions. 

Mr. Arm Sivadith, Chief Technology Officer, MFEC Public Company Limited, said, “I am glad to receive the award this year and would like to thank my team for working together throughout our 6-year journey. In fact, our company had clear goals set from the beginning and we achieved them as planned, resulting in this award we have been granted by Microsoft today. We would also like to thank Microsoft for the recognition and support for our company. 

Ms. Chantip Ongbhatara, Managing Director, Bhatara Progress Company Limited, said, “We treasure our working partnership with Microsoft and care about the benefits that our customers will get from the company’s solutions. The award is a sign of the success of our commitment and dedication to provide support for our customers and ensure that they can operate their businesses smoothly and effectively. 

Mr. Prin Boondiskulchok, Chief Executive Officer, FRONTIS Company Limited, said, “I am proud and grateful to work with Microsoft and benefit from our partnership. In the meantime, I also feel that we need to always improve ourselves to do better in the future. I believe that the award received today comes from our growth mindset approach because one of the key elements for creating new solutions is to eliminate the fear of failure. That will lead to success for all organizations looking to create new innovations. 

Mr. Thanapol Balawongse, Head of Cloud Business, M.I.S. Outsourcing Company Limited, said, “I am pleased and honored to receive the award and would like to thank all Microsoft staff including the cloud expert team who have provided such great support for us. We are grateful for the recognition given to our solutions designed to help customers and businesses to succeed with our support through their digital transformation, our commitment to encourage a modern workplace environment and our reinforcement of cybersecurity measures for organizations to help them get ready for Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act. 

Mr. Thuchakorn Vachiramon, Chief Executive Officer, Sertis Company Limited, said, “We are very glad to work with Microsoft and consider Microsoft to be one of our important partners. We are also proud to be recognized as one of Microsoft’s key partners. Our main approach is to always consider and give priority to our customers’ interests. We also focus on selecting the best and optimal options for them. 

Ms. Wandee Wanikpun, Managing Director, Innoviz Solutions Company Limitedsaid, “I am honored and glad that Microsoft shows how they value their partners with the awards. We are also delighted that we share the same vision as Microsoft – digital transformation in the cloud era. With this award, I would like to thank my team for their dedication over the past 15 years. 

Ms. Amith Varma, Sales Director, Southeast Asia, JDA Software Asia Pte Ltd, said, “We are excited to receive this award. The partnership with Microsoft has been a game changer for us. Reaching out to customers in the Thai market with them has brought outstanding results for us. On the other hand, we also offer co-sell opportunities for Microsoft. So it is a win-win partnership for both of us. 

Mr. Michael Chen, Chief Executive Offer, Buzzebees Company Limited, said, “We are proud and honored to receive the awards from Microsoft for two consecutive years. This will encourage us to work harder to grow our business through Microsoft’s technologies. Currently, we have over 80 large business customers and we expect to double the number by next year. We believe that Buzzebees’ leadership as a design and development platform, extensive CRM privileges, our One Stop Solution, and trust from our well-known organization customers are the key factors behind our exponential growth. 

Mr. Sutthipong Kuruhongsa, Managing Director, Digital Dialogue Company Limited, said, “We are glad to receive the award because Digital Dialogue has always had a great relationship with Microsoft. With the award, we feel that we are recognized for our work and commitment to utilize AI to help organizations in Thailand to work faster and with greater precision. 

Mr. Boonchai Asawachaisuvikom, Executive VP Sales & Marketing, VST ECS (Thailand) Company Limited, said, “I am delighted and would like to thank the Microsoft team who have supported us right through until we received this award. In fact, our company previously focused on distribution and we shifted to sell solutions instead. It was very challenging at first but we have succeeded thanks to our internal learning development, understanding the market and wonderful support from Microsoft. 

Mr. Patara Yongvanich, Managing Director, rhipe Technology (Thailand) Company Limitedsaid, “With this awardour team in Thailand has been recognized for its success in selling Microsoft products. I think the most important aspect of our partnership with Microsoft is how we help partners and customers succeed in running their businesses, creating profits and continue to grow. 

Mr. Wichai Kruabut, Service Manager, CipherMED Company Limited, said, “I am delighted to receive the awards from Microsoft for two consecutive years. The achievements come from the credibility of Surface that is widely known by our customers and our comprehensive customer services. 

Broadening partner opportunity  

Since the inception of Microsoft’s co-sell program 24 months ago, Microsoft has announced additional investments designed to build on that opportunity and will extend well beyond Inspire: 

  • General availability of the Microsoft Security competency: This new competence allows partners to market their expertise and provides access to a range of benefits designed to enable business growth and profitability.  
  • Five advanced specializations: These include Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure, Linux and Open Source Databases Migration to Microsoft Azure, Data Warehouse Migration to Microsoft Azure, Modernization of Web Applications in Microsoft Azure, and Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure.  
  • New advancements in marketplace: Additional pricing models, a rewards program and a new route to market are rolling out in July for companies that publish transactable offers in Microsoft’s expanded commercial marketplace. The pricing models include monthly and annual SaaS billing; flexible, custom metered billing options; standard contracts; and free SaaS trials that convert to paid engagements. 

Microsoft believes in its partners’ capabilities and expects that the investments will supercharge its programs and technologies to help partners grow their business, drive customer success, increase efficiency, and build on their areas of expertise and specialization.