Microsoft forges partnership with Thai SMEs, ETDA and innovative partners to elevate Thai SMEs sector in new initiative

Three people with Microsoft logo and Thai SME event signage

Program to drive sustainable recovery of Thai businesses through digital technology

  • Launch joined by wide range of tech partners, including Buzzebees, M.I.S. Outsourcing (MISO), Bigwork, Fusion Solution and Techcons biz (Wolf Approve)
  • Partner solutions to fulfill diverse needs – from e-commerce, cybersecurity management and paperless document management to data-related tasks and application development
  • Initiative is open for applications from entrepreneurs and organizations from today throughout October 2020

Bangkok, 21 October 2020 – Microsoft (Thailand) and the Thai-SMEs website have partnered with the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) to launch an initiative to support Thai SMEs, offering free workshops to elevate entrepreneurs with digital skills and boost their competency in the new normal. The workshops are presented in a series, starting with the debut session titled “Grow Your Business 10X with E-commerce Strategies”, which seeks to help Thai SMEs exceed their sales targets and outpace the competition in a consistent, stable and sustainable manner.

Mr. Dhanawat Suthumpun, Managing Director, Microsoft Thailand, said, “Microsoft is delighted to be helping Thai SMEs embrace digital technology to drive growth in this hour of need. We would like to help SMEs become more flexible so that they fit with the current economic situation. Technology should be put at the core of businesses and be as readily accessible as utilities such as water and electricity in order to help grow sales, accelerate the back-end process, respond to frontline staff, and promote sales via e-commerce channels. This goes hand in hand with Microsoft’s mission to empower every person and every organization to achieve more. We would like to empower SMEs and help them improve their skills and knowledge on how to integrate technology into their operations, and we also aim to serve as a bridge to connect them with digital partners. Microsoft intends to become the technology platform to help Thai SMEs grow steadily and drive the growth of Thailand’s digital economy in the future.”

Mr. Pakdee Aunyakamol, Deputy Managing Director, Small Medium and Corporate, Microsoft Thailand, added, “Today, companies and organizations of any size always look for technologies that serve not only short-term needs in combating COVID-19 but also longer-term requirements for sustaining their businesses through technology-driven adaptation. In order to do that, entrepreneurs are required to learn how to use technology with confidence. They must also identify the right technology partners who can help them handle data and guide their digital transformation. We hope that this initiative will pave the way for SMEs across the country to be able to access Microsoft’s technologies more easily and with greater confidence.”

At the event, new digital solutions featuring Microsoft’s latest innovations were introduced for SMEs to integrate into their businesses with confidence – including cybersecurity solutions from M.I.S. Outsourcing (MISO), optimized data management solutions for business from Bigwork, application development solutions that will help you build a new app easily in one day from Fusion Solution, and paperless document management solutions from Techcons biz (Wolf Approve). These solutions are compatible with multiple business types and offer optimal online transaction services to help SMEs quickly boost sales. Also presented in the workshop are other digital solutions from Microsoft, plus guidelines on operational strategies from start to finish by Buzzebees E-Commerce.

“This seminar was held in partnership with many experts in their respective fields to support SMEs as they look to make the next leap in the digital era, strengthen their operations, and create new opportunities. We would like to thank Microsoft for the collaboration because we believe that Microsoft’s technologies and solutions will empower SMEs grow outstandingly,” said Ms. Jirapan Boonnun, Founder of Thai-SMEs website.

Mr. Meetham Na Ranong, Expert and Acting Deputy Director, Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA), said, “With advanced technologies and changing consumer behaviors in the digital age, businesses are required to adapt themselves to operate online through e-commerce channels for their survival. ETDA plays an important role in overseeing electronic transactions, from financial transactions, news and information exchange to e-commerce as well as founding the Online Complaint Center to monitor and protect consumers through transparent online commerce and support them with relevant online transaction services which are in compliance with regulations and standards to ensure the most effective online trade that will contribute to the country’s improved competitiveness.”

Microsoft’s SMEs support initiative comes with a series of 5 workshops with the first session titled “Grow Your Business 10X with E-commerce Strategies” to help Thai SMEs discover growth opportunities and transform their traditional approaches into online commerce that fulfils the demands of the digital era. For more updates on the upcoming sessions, which will be launched throughout October 2020, please visit

For information on previous workshops, please visit ThaiSMEs Facebook Fanpage.