Bluebik (BBIK) and Microsoft unveil innovative LISMA X for SAP application on Microsoft Power Platforms, boosting business efficiency and guaranteeing world-class cybersecurity.

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Bluebik Group Public Company Limited (BBIK), a leading consultancy on end-to-end digital transformation, and Microsoft (Thailand) Company Limited introduce the innovative “LISMA X” that Bluebik has developed to allow SAP users to work on Microsoft Power Platforms. LISMA X improves work flexibilities, enables real-time reports and orders and meets the world-class cybersecurity standard of Microsoft. This innovative solution targets the leading large-scale organizations that are using Microsoft products and SAP.

Mr. Pochara Arayakarnkul, Chief Executive Officer of Bluebik Group Public Company Limited, said the collaboration with Microsoft (Thailand) Company Limited is an important step that underlines the leadership in the technology industry of Bluebik which is always determined to develop innovations to improve the efficiency of its corporate clients and meet their business requirements in the digital era. LISMA X is the first innovation in Thailand that enables SAP users to work on Microsoft Power Platforms with all functions available as well as stability and a reliable cybersecurity standard. With LISMA X, organizations have agile, convenient, fast, accurate and precise work processes and thus gain competitive edge.

LISMA X was designed to function effectively and be compatible with Microsoft platforms seamlessly. LISMA X allows SAP to send notifications to users via Microsoft Teams. Also, it improves efficiency and prevents the abuse of usernames by anyone with ill intentions. For example, LISMA X can notify users of documents pending approval and logins. Users can also request data by typing orders in Microsoft Teams. The system will transmit orders to SAP where they are processed and data will be sent to users.

Mrs. Supanee Anuwongworavet, Deputy Managing Director for Marketing & Operations of Microsoft (Thailand) Company Limited, said Microsoft sees opportunities to jointly develop new products with Bluebik. Microsoft combines its excellent platforms which guarantee stability and internationally recognized cybersecurity standards with the SAP expertise of Bluebik. Both companies have databases about the clients that use SAP and Microsoft Power Platforms. Therefore, they can approach potential clients and present innovations precisely and properly so that clients can make more use of their existing systems and data.

Mr. Warat Laithong, ERP Advisory Director of Bluebik Group Public Company Limited, said SAP application on Microsoft Power Platforms streamlines work processes and guarantees security. Importantly it cuts maintenance costs and supports ESG policies through the reduced use of paper in work processes. Also, it decreases human errors in information retrieval and thus helps executives make better and more precise decisions. Users can link SAP with these 4 Microsoft Power Platforms.

1) Power Virtual Agents, Intelligence Virtual Agents – Like chatbots, it was installed on Microsoft Teams to interact with users. This chatbot liaises between users and SAP.

2) Power Automate, Process Automation – It is a part of the chatbot and lays orders on SAP such as orders to approve documents, submit reports and send notifications.

3) Power BI, Business Analytics – It displays data from SAP in real time on the dashboard that was designed to be beautiful and understandable.

4) Power Apps, App Development – It is used to develop the applications that are intended to be connected with SAP. Power Apps supports highly complicated tasks and is flexible enough for future modifications.

SAP functions are available to users whose handheld devices have Power Apps. The functions include approval, remote user termination and leave request storage.

“As the Microsoft Thailand Partner of the Year, Bluebik plans to jointly develop more innovations with Microsoft to support corporate clients. We will be providing clients with solutions to improve efficiency in their business processes. Also, we are developing the technology industry of Thailand and creating opportunities for overseas service expansion,” Mr. Warat concluded.

For more details about the innovative LISMA X solution and free demonstrations, please call 0-2636-7011 or send an email to [email protected]