InnovestX Collaborates with Microsoft, Elevating Investment Insights with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service

One of Thailand’s First Securities Company Harnesses Power of Microsoft AI, Enabling Deeper Insights and Expanded Investment Horizons

InnovestX, an investment flagship of SCBX Group, has engaged in a collaboration with Microsoft to revolutionize investment research. This transformative effort is aimed at leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to elevate investment research to new heights, providing timely insights that empower investors to make informed decisions.

Empowered by Microsoft’s AI innovations, this collaboration reaffirms InnovestX’s commitment to industry leadership through innovation and technology-driven solutions with a focus on delivering maximum benefits to investors. In alignment with SCBX Group’s vision, we are evolving into an AI-first organization by leveraging technology to enhance our business capabilities.

Dr. Arak Sutivong, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of SCBX Group Public Company Limited, and Chief Executive Officer of InnovestX Securities Co., Ltd., emphasized, “Our strategic collaboration with Microsoft is pivotal in our journey to become a leading regional financial technology group. This collaboration provides SCBX and its subsidiaries access to cutting-edge technology and world-class expertise, driving possibilities of new business developments. An outstanding result of this collaboration is our enhanced investment insights, a product of collaboration between InnovestX and SCB DataX, powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, underscoring our commitment to effective technology integration.”

Today, foreign stocks and funds continue to gain popularity among investors due to the promise of high returns and abundant opportunities, particularly in the United States, Europe, and emerging markets like Vietnam and Indonesia. This trend aligns with InnovestX’s customer base, with foreign stock investors increasing by up to 110% compared to 2021.

Presently, investors can conveniently access stocks across 23 countries within 31 global markets through InnovestX app or advisory services. As a result, information and news have a highly significant role in stock market decisions, particularly corporate earnings reports of international companies which significantly influence stock prices. Such reports hold significant Influence over decisions to buy, sell, or hold stocks because stock prices often react in relation to the variance between profit expectations and actual earnings (Earnings Surprise).

To address the challenges faced by investors, particularly retail investors, such as the cost and time associated with accessing financial information for foreign stocks and manually analyzing extensive data, InnovestX has developed a proprietary tool using Azure OpenAI Service. The tool functions as a fundamental analysis solution, capable of swiftly summarizing critical financial data, including financial performance, economic indicators, company outlook, and insights into aspects like growth potential, financial health, profitability, and operational efficiency. This AI-driven approach, combined with reviews and insights from InnovestX’s expert analysts, delivers concise and high-quality Earnings Briefs, facilitating timely investment decisions and profit opportunities.

“We firmly believe that the potential of AI technology, combined with InnovestX’s industry experience and expertise, will significantly enhance our capabilities in both breadth and depth in the future. This includes expanding investment insight data analysis to cover future financial performance, business operation strategies, and fraud detection, offering investors more precise decision-making information.

InnovestX also envisions applying AI technology to various other areas within the organization, including investment advisory, customer service, and risk assessment. These relentless efforts will further enhance InnovestX’s suite of services, empowering investors with comprehensive and intelligent financial solutions that shape the future of the financial landscape,” Dr. Arak concluded.

Dhanawat Suthumpun, Managing Director of Microsoft (Thailand) Limited, said, “With our mission and our commitment to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more, we believe that today’s AI innovations can unlock new levels of productivity and create tremendous opportunities and success for anyone. Through the flexibility, intelligence, and secure Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, investors will be able to make the best use of InnovestX’s wealth of financial data, expertise, and insights, enabling them to take decisive actions with greater confidence in dynamic and complex financial markets around the world.”

Key Features of the “Earnings Brief, powered by OpenAI” include:

  • Timely Insights: Investors receive concise summaries of a company’s operational performance promptly, enabling well-informed investment decisions and capitalizing on profit opportunities.
  • Advanced Analysis with Expert Insights: Our OpenAI-powered tool enhances analysis using historical data, illustrating trends and providing deeper insights, sentiments, and actionable investment guidance. This includes a concise summary of key performance data, complemented by expert views and recommendations from InnovestX’s analysts.
  • Expanding Investment Opportunities: Earnings Brief removes access limitations by extending its coverage to new markets, initially focusing on notable stocks in the US and Europe. Future plans include expanding to popular markets like MAI, Asian markets, and other regions of investor interest. This not only opens doors for investors to discover hidden gems but also broadens their research horizons.

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