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Learn how the ‘connected car’ will drive business forward in a cloud-first, mobile-first world

Since the first time we sat in a driver’s seat, car travel has shaped cities, employment patterns and distribution of goods all over the world. “Smart cars” have further built upon this mobility and the convenience of individual travel by offering improved road safety, remote maintenance and real-time data for more efficient routing.

The business opportunities presented by these connected cars are outlined in The Future of Automotive, a report released Monday by innovation think tank PSFK in partnership with Microsoft. The future state of the automotive industry is brought to life through five forward-looking scenarios that highlight how consumer attitudes, connectivity and automation are shaping the potential of personal mobility.

“With the rise of the connected car comes new opportunities for manufacturers and dealers, enabling companies to use advanced analytics and machine learning to build more direct feedback loops and increase value for customers – from design to marketing to service offerings,” the report says.

Read the report to learn how manufacturers, OEMs and dealers can apply cloud-based solutions to transform their businesses in order to drive new levels of service throughout the entire value chain.