Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016

New resources to help partners capitalize on the explosive demand

Change is the dominant factor driving societies forward. Nowhere is this more evident today than when you look at the quest for digital transformation in organizations of all sizes.

To put it simply, the greater cloud market is changing how business gets done, and it presents a huge opportunity for our partners.


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OFFICIAL MICROSOFT BLOG DAY 2: Microsoft announces technology innovations, creating new opportunities for partners B-ROLL: Microsoft WPC Day 2
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WINDOWS & SURFACE: Announcing New Subscription Options for Windows 10 and Surface for Businesses PARTNERSHIP: HoloLens JAL
SURFACE ENTERPRISE: Surface Enterprise Initiative Expands to Meet Evolving Business Mobility Needs PARTNERSHIP: GE Predix
MICROSOFT OFFICE: Office 365 news at WPC 2016 CUSTOMER: Facebook: Why Facebook is betting on Office 365
CLOUD AND ENTERPRISE: New Microsoft innovations and programs help partners and customers transform. Now. CUSTOMER: Partners in Health
MICROSOFT AZURE: Growing the Azure ecosystem with Microsoft Azure Stack MICROSOFT AZURE: Delivering Azure Stack as Integrated System
LINKEDIN: Reinventing Business Processes B-ROLL: Microsoft WPC Day 1

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