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REDMOND, Wash., Nov. 5, 1997 — Finding the best, most entertaining and most informative sites on the Internet can prove a challenge to even the most dedicated Web surfers – and finding family-friendly sites can pose an even larger problem. Links may be broken, and search engines can often overload users with ambiguous or out-of-date information. Now, the Official Microsoft® Bookshelf® Internet Directory 1998 Edition and companion CD-ROM can help by offering users direct links to thousands of sites, all selected and reviewed by the creators of the Microsoft Bookshelf CD-ROM reference library – the most trusted name in desktop reference computing.

More Than Just a Directory – a Full-Fledged Tour Guide for All Ages, Interests

Whether users want to update their stock portfolio, explore space, trace their family tree, research a term paper, or locate the dog breed with the right temperament for their children, the Official Microsoft Bookshelf Internet Directory can lead them to the answers they need. It includes more than 6,000 individually selected sites with concise, up-to-date reviews. Each review includes the audience targeted by the site, such as advanced photographers, fans of the original
“Star Trek”
series, beekeepers or teen-agers planning to go to college. That way, users can be sure they’ll find the right information when they get there – before they log on.

The sites selected by the Microsoft Bookshelf team were chosen with the whole family in mind. Users can locate sites to help keep their kids entertained, informed and educated.

Companion CD-ROM Gives Easy Access; Includes Latest Version of Internet Explorer

The searchable CD-ROM included with the Official Microsoft Bookshelf Internet Directory gives users instant links to the all the sites listed – a simple click of the mouse takes them where they want to go. If they’re planning for the future, they can check out the Interactive Nest Egg at ( for up-to-the-minute information on investment facilities, articles, financial information, stock quotes and performance charts. If they’re at their wits’ end and need parenting advice, they can go to Parent Soup, ( , and hear what experts – and other parents – have to say. If they want to take their kids to the Louvre, they can click over to ( to bring culture into their living room (and skip the tired feet).

Keeping Pace With the Ever-Changing Web

The Internet is constantly expanding, making it hard to stay on top of where the best information is. Because new sites pop up every day, the Official Microsoft Bookshelf Internet Directory 1998 Edition is updated regularly on the World Wide Web to keep readers informed of its most current list of recommended sites. And, because it also includes Usenet, listservs and other Internet resources in addition to Web sites, users of all levels will find this to be the one guide that will let them fully enjoy the vast world of information resources available on the Internet.

The Official Microsoft Bookshelf Internet Directory 1998 Edition (ISBN 1-57231-617-9) is now available in bookstores, software retailers and directly from Microsoft Press at (800) MSPRESS (677-7377). In Canada, call (800) 268-2222. The estimated retail price is U.S. $39.99 ($55.99 in Canada). Shipping and handling charges apply for direct orders.

Microsoft Press is the publishing division of Microsoft Corp. and the leading source of up-to-date information about Microsoft products and related technologies. Millions of users rely on a complete line of world-class Microsoft Press® computer books and multimedia training and reference tools. Titles ranging from self-paced tutorials for first-time computer users to advanced technical references and programming guides for computer professionals are distributed to book and software retailers worldwide. Consumers in the United States can order directly from the publisher at (800) MSPRESS. For information about other Microsoft Press products, visit ( .

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