Quote Sheet: Industry Partners Support Microsoft Hyper-V Server

“Microsoft and Dell are continuing to work together to provide virtualization solutions and by offering Microsoft Hyper-V across a wide variety of Dell servers. Our joint customers can continue to leverage their expertise with Microsoft technologies to rapidly provision new services and better manage and simplify their IT environment.”

-Rick Becker

Vice President

Software and Solutions

Dell Inc.

“Hyper-V technology from Microsoft, imbedded in our PRIMERGY servers, will enable our customers to build flexible and agile systems in virtually any business environment, while leveraging existing IT assets. Microsoft Hyper-V Server with PRIMERGY Servers will be essential to fulfilling customers’ need to build cost-effective and robust IT infrastructure. Based on our strong partnership with Microsoft we continue to provide our enterprise customers with innovative virtualization solutions that accelerate their system consolidation from entry to mission-critical segments.”

-Kazuhiro Igarashi

Corporate Vice President

President of Personal Systems Business Unit

Fujitsu Ltd.

“Microsoft’s Hyper-V Server is complementary to the design of our PRIMERGY server family and the Fujitsu Siemens Computers virtualization strategy. The combination will not only offer midsize and enterprise customers cost-effective and convenient virtualization solutions that are ready to go once the server is powered up, but virtualization will also open the path to achieve energy savings as well as savings on operating costs.”

-Jens-Peter Seick

Senior Vice President

Enterprise Server Business

Fujitsu Siemens Computers

“Hitachi has been providing enterprise-class virtualization solutions for Windows on Hitachi’s Virtage on BladeSymphony to enhance flexibility and efficiency for customers’ IT systems, through our strong partnership with Microsoft. Hitachi believes that by introducing Microsoft’s Hyper-V Server, Hitachi can respond to broader customer requirements by offering a wider variety of virtualization solutions from departments to enterprise datacenter systems.”

-Masaya Watanabe


Enterprise Server Division

Hitachi Ltd.

“The combination of Microsoft Hyper-V Server, industry-leading HP ProLiant and BladeSystem servers, and our comprehensive services portfolio provides customers an adaptive infrastructure that is simple to operate, reliable and cost-effective. HP plans to support customers in the adoption of Microsoft Hyper-V Server by delivering solutions that help them realize the benefits of a virtualized environment.”

-Scott Farrand

Vice President

Industry Standard Server Software


“IBM and Microsoft have provided innovative server solutions to midsize and enterprise customers for more than 10 years. Together, we’re working to help mutual customers manage complexity, increase agility and reduce energy consumption. As Microsoft brings embedded virtualization to market, IBM System x will continue to partner with Microsoft to offer our customers easier access to value-added virtualization solutions and the cost, security enhancement, availability and energy efficiency advantages they deliver.”

-James Northington

Vice President, Business Line Executive

IBM System x

IBM Corp.

“As a Worldwide Partner of the Olympic Games, Lenovo has been developing server products of excellent quality and product differentiation. We have tested Microsoft’s new Hyper-V Server on our servers, and both the Lenovo solutions team and our customers believe the combination is delivering a solution with better agility, lower cost and optimized power consumption. We look forward to the final release of the products.”

-Hong Niu

General Manager

China Server Business, Greater China

Lenovo Group Ltd.

“NEC has long been collaborating with Microsoft to provide optimal solutions for enterprise customers. We believe Microsoft’s announcement of Hyper-V Server is a great milestone to address the market trend to utilize virtual environments in enterprise systems more widely. NEC continues to collaborate with Microsoft to provide optimized virtualization solutions for enterprise customers, based on Express 5800 servers and NEC Sigma System Center.”

-Masato Yamamoto

Executive General manager

Computer Software Operations Unit

NEC Corp.

“Through our continued strong relationship, Microsoft and Unisys have consistently provided virtualization solutions that help customers simplify complexity and make their IT infrastructure more agile. We’re working with Microsoft to provide virtualized and consolidated solutions with integrated management of both physical and virtual assets across datacenters and desktops. We expect that Microsoft Hyper-V Server will provide our joint clients with a consistent and cost-effective means to rapidly provision new services and better manage their IT infrastructure resources.”

-Rich Marcello


Systems and Technology

Unisys Corp.

Industry Partners Support Microsoft Server Virtualization Validation Program

“Citrix has a long track record of utilizing Windows as an innovation platform, and has been working closely with Microsoft to take full advantage of the new capabilities built into Windows Server 2008. By building on the core virtualization capabilities in the Windows platform, Citrix will be able to bring powerful end-to-end virtualization solutions to millions of Microsoft customers worldwide, extending our application delivery value proposition from the datacenter to the desktop. Through the new Server Virtualization Validation Program, Microsoft is taking a major step to help ensure the certification and support of third-party virtualization solutions such as Citrix XenServer. As a result, Citrix customers will be able to take full advantage of our server, application and desktop virtualization solutions today, secure in the knowledge that they will be even better with Windows Server 2008 in the future.”

-Frank Artale

Vice President

Business Development

Citrix Systems Inc.

“Technical support for virtualized software has been an industrywide customer concern with no clear vendor standards. Microsoft’s Server Virtualization Validation Program is a great step in helping us as an OEM ease confusion and help ensure our customers that they’ll be supported regardless of the platform they choose to build upon.”

-Rick Becker

Vice President

Software and Solutions

Dell Inc.

“Our customers’ top priority and concern when adopting virtualization solutions is technical support. Microsoft’s Server Virtualization Validation Program is a significant step in assuring our customers that they have streamlined support, whether their systems are Windows-based or not.”

-Chiseki Sagawa

Chief Strategist and General Manager

Server Systems Unit

Fujitsu Ltd.

“Hitachi believes the Microsoft Server Virtualization Validation Program is a great program to improve the quality of open system solutions. It is important that we validate the interoperability and reliability of virtualized environments amongst various vendors. We expect that this program, combined with the efforts from participating partners, enables us to deliver more reliable Windows-based solutions to our customers.”

-Hiroyuki Kumazaki

General Manager

Software Division

Hitachi Ltd.

“Microsoft’s Server Virtualization Validation Program is what many customers have been expecting. NEC is placing virtualization technology as a key element of today’s IT platform, and we provide an optimized virtualized system that is easy to manage, based on Express 5800 servers, NEC SigmaBlade and integrated Virtual Machine technologies. We believe Microsoft’s Server Virtualization Validation Program will enhance NEC’s virtualization solution by enabling Windows-based environments to be more reliable, and thus will accelerate the use of Windows Server in virtual environments.”

-Masato Yamamoto

Executive General Manager

Computers Software Operations Unit

NEC Corp.

“Technical support of virtualized images is an industrywide challenge. Our relationship with Microsoft provides us with a jointly supported solution today. Novell and Microsoft continue to collaborate to optimize bidirectional virtualization between Windows and SUSE Linux Enterprise with Xen. Microsoft’s Server Virtualization Validation Program provides customers with additional peace of mind when they run Windows as a guest in a validated environment such as SUSE Linux Enterprise.”

-Roger Levy

Senior Vice President

General Manager of Open Platform Solutions


“As a result of our participation in the Microsoft Server Virtualization Validation Program, customers and partners who wish to virtualize Windows instances under Sun’s xVM infrastructure will be able to do so with even greater levels of confidence. Sun will support Windows virtualization in our xVM server and allow Windows to do the same for Solaris. This will enable customers to run both Solaris 10 and Microsoft Windows Server operating systems on the same hardware and safely consolidate their applications. With Sun xVM Server, Windows guests will be able to leverage Sun technologies like Predictive Self-Healing and ZFS for the first time.”

-Marc Hamilton

Vice President

Solaris Marketing

Sun Microsystems Inc.

“Unisys believes that the Microsoft Server Virtualization Validation Program can yield significant benefits to our customers. We believe that this program will enable Unisys to help customers enhance cost-efficiency in virtualization, and afford them a superior support experience, regardless of the platform they choose.”

-Mark Feverston

Vice President

Microsoft Solutions Marketing, Systems and Technology

Unisys Corp.

“I recognize that technical support of virtualized environments is one of the toughest barriers to virtualization adoption. Microsoft’s effort demonstrated in the new Server Virtualization Validation Program is welcomed since it lowers the support cost for everyone to embrace virtualization, and it’s an important first step toward broader support for applications inside virtual machines.”

-Alessandro Perilli

Independent Industry Analyst


“Technical support is a top priority for our customers when considering virtualization adoption. Microsoft’s Server Virtualization Validation Program allows our mutual customers to take full advantage of all our advance capabilities while streamlining their access to comprehensive technical support from Microsoft and Virtual Iron.”

-Mike Grandinetti

Chief Marketing Officer

Virtual Iron

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