Social Impact

At Microsoft we believe technology should benefit everyone, not just the fortunate few. We consider it our responsibility to create and implement technology that serves the broader good. We focus our actions and investments where we can make the biggest impact, and support those who are addressing our world’s biggest problems.

For instance, we have made a long-term commitment to working with government agencies, nonprofits and other private sector companies to provide aid to victims of humanitarian crises, and help them lead better lives. We believe technology can be a powerful force for empowering nonprofits to achieve their mission.

Expedition micro:bit – inspiring Dutch children to code

Think back to your early childhood. What do you remember? Running around the school playground? Learning maths? Creating a huge mess in art class? For most of us reading this, we’ll have plenty of memories from attending school as young children – but hardly any of us will have any … Read more »

European children teach MEPs how to code in the EU Parliament

Earlier this week on 17 October, 40 young coders from across Europe travelled to the European Parliament in Brussels to showcase their coding and technology skills at the fifth annual EUDojo event. Taking place during Europe Code Week, the event, run by CoderDojo – an organisation dedicated to encouraging children … Read more »

Microsoft announces new renewable wind energy agreement in Ireland

Microsoft and General Electric (GE) have signed an agreement on a new wind project in Ireland which will see 37 megawatts of clean energy added to the Irish grid. This latest investment supports Microsoft’s commitment to building a responsible Cloud for Global good in the EU and Ireland, allowing more … Read more »