Driven by the transformative power of the cloud, AI is making computing more intelligent. AI will increasingly play a role of solving the world’s biggest challenges, from farming and healthcare, to environment and education. Microsoft’s vision is democratize AI, to put AI tools in the hands of everyone. Anyone and everyone should be able to build the AI systems they need to succeed.

We believe in design principles that will shape the future of AI. AI must be transparent: we should know how the technology works and what its rules are. AI should empower diversity, and maximize efficiency. AI must guard against bias and have algorithmic accountability. And importantly, AI should augment human capabilities, not replace them.

Microsoft Pix update for iPhone transforms your photos into works of art

Microsoft has released new features for Microsoft Pix, its AI-powered iOS camera app that automatically gives photos stylistic makeovers, making them look like masterpiece paintings, artistic photos, and more. The features, which were developed in collaboration with Microsoft’s Asia research lab and Skype, are part of a large update to Microsoft … Read more »

Italy will win the Eurovision Song Contest, Bing predicts


A total of 42 artists across Europe (and Australia) are gathered in Kiev, Ukraine, and they’re all ready to battle it out at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. If you’re not one for shocks and surprises, then fear not, for Microsoft has unveiled Bing’s predictions for this year’s competition, slating … Read more »

Refining oil, in the cloud

From robots to cobots, Artificial Intelligence to Augmented Reality, analytics to machine learning – the fourth industrial revolution is upon us. Industry 4.0 is already creating incredible opportunities for manufacturers, employees and their customers. New technologies are enabling industry leaders to maximise resources, empower employees and even predict breakdowns before … Read more »

An easy guide to AI

Microsoft Story Labs’ new animated Explanimators series will showcase big, important, cutting-edge areas of technology in ways that are easy for anyone to understand. The series kicks off with Artificial Intelligence (AI), explaining the principles behind machine learning, along with some of the many useful applications it can have for us … Read more »