Democratizing AI: Satya Nadella on AI vision and societal impact at DLD

Satya Nadella

Artificial intelligence needs be adopted across the world to make sure it helps as many people as possible, Microsoft’s Chief Executive Officer told attendees at a leading European innovation conference in Germany this week. Speaking to The Economist’s Ludwig Siegele during a “fireside chat” at the DLD digital conference in … Read more »

Satya Nadella talks AI at DLD digital conference

Satya Nadella, DLD, Microsoft

Satya Nadella has shared his thoughts on artificial intelligence at an event in Germany. Microsoft’s chief executive took part in a “fireside chat” with Ludwig Siegele, technology editor of The Economist, at the DLD digital conference in Munich on Monday. Nadella focused on the importance of responsive and responsible leadership … Read more »

The Medical Revolution

Medical care is the beating heart of any society. From hearing aids to rehabilitation, life-saving operations to childbirth, we’ve all seen doctors and clinicians perform incredible acts of healing. But what if, using technology, medical care could prevent disease, injury and/or surgical errors from happening in the first place? For … Read more »

Artificial Intelligence event is the hottest ticket in town

Artificial Intelligence (AI). We’ve all heard the term, seen the films, and been told that it could transform our everyday lives. Currently one of the hottest fields in computer science, AI has seen the previously niche events that explore its potential begin to thrive. Events like the Annual Conference on … Read more »

Computing to solve cancer

How Microsoft computer scientists and researchers are working to ‘solve’ cancer What started with just three researchers in 1997, the Microsoft Research Lab in Cambridge has grown to more than 130 researchers and engineers today. The freedom of enquiry enabled by Microsoft’s approach to basic and applied research, coupled with … Read more »