Driven by the transformative power of the cloud, AI is making computing more intelligent. AI will increasingly play a role of solving the world’s biggest challenges, from farming and healthcare, to environment and education. Microsoft’s vision is democratize AI, to put AI tools in the hands of everyone. Anyone and everyone should be able to build the AI systems they need to succeed.

We believe in design principles that will shape the future of AI. AI must be transparent: we should know how the technology works and what its rules are. AI should empower diversity, and maximize efficiency. AI must guard against bias and have algorithmic accountability. And importantly, AI should augment human capabilities, not replace them.

The trends that are shaping the future of the retail industry

Last year in Europe, e-commerce turnover increased by 15 percent, to €530 billion. Despite this promising figure, retail businesses today still face numerous challenges, and fierce competition. In a world full of digital natives, online shopping has become the norm, and retailers must adapt and evolve if they wish to … Read more »