In today’s competitive market, businesses must constantly evolve and adapt to stay ahead. New technology such as cloud, data analytics, and AI provides the tools businesses need to push their performance and results to the limit. No matter the size or sector of business, digital transformation ensures they have the tools they need to grow and thrive.

Microsoft works with partners and customers across many industries to support their digital transformation. Our technology can help reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve customer engagement and much more. From retail to manufacturing, healthcare to finance, every business can achieve more with the right technology behind them.

Maersk embraces digital transformation with Microsoft

Global transport and logistics powerhouse Maersk has joined forces with Microsoft in a strategic move to revolutionise its supply-chain management and global trade. From its connected vessels to its transportation economics, the company is betting on Microsoft to fuel growth and power logistics globally. This agreement means that Microsoft has been … Read more »

UBS uses the Microsoft Cloud to save costs and improve its services

UBS, the world’s largest wealth manager, is turning to Microsoft Azure cloud technology to reduce its dependency on legacy technology, while finding new ways to leverage digital channels, and rethink how its businesses and people work. “Tremendous transformation is taking place in the financial services industry, and technology is increasingly … Read more »

Refining oil, in the cloud

From robots to cobots, Artificial Intelligence to Augmented Reality, analytics to machine learning – the fourth industrial revolution is upon us. Industry 4.0 is already creating incredible opportunities for manufacturers, employees and their customers. New technologies are enabling industry leaders to maximise resources, empower employees and even predict breakdowns before … Read more »