When you put your data in the cloud, you are asking another entity to be its custodian, making trust fundamental. For Microsoft, trust is embedded in the very DNA of our cloud. We understand that however powerful a technology may be, people will only embrace it if they trust it. This is particularly true for customers in Europe, which is why our drive to help customers unlock productivity using the cloud is underpinned by our commitment to foster and maintain trust in our cloud.

Our guiding principle is simple: we believe a customer’s data is theirs and theirs alone. They are entitled to know where their data resides at any time, who has access to it, and how it is used. Customers should also have the peace of mind of knowing that their cloud service provider values the security and integrity of their customers’ data as highly as their own. Read more.

How technology enables the Red Cross to achieve more

A natural disaster has a significant impact on people’s lives. Aid such as medicine, food and water are essential and scarce during times of need. However, the need for aid changes rapidly: refugees, victims and missing persons increasingly need technological help to communicate and find family members. Furthermore, relief organizations … Read more »

An easy guide to the Internet of Things

Microsoft Story Labs’ new animated Explanimators series showcases big, important, cutting-edge areas of technology in ways that are easy for anyone to understand. The second episode – following on from the guide to AI – continues with an easy guide to the Internet of Things (or IoT). More than just randomly connecting … Read more »

How technology can help reduce our impact on the planet

On this World Environment Day, we can see our planet is changing. All around the globe, people are facing the question of how to grow and thrive with fewer resources. Urban population growth is a major factor, as it’s estimated that by 2030 almost 60 percent of our global population … Read more »

Microsoft Dynamics 365 enters the Microsoft Cloud in Germany

The Microsoft Cloud in Germany has expanded to include Dynamics 365 offering more options for businesses looking to improve manufacturing and supply chain processes, provide better customer service and enhance distribution models. The new services are provided for business customers in Germany, the European Union and EFTA countries (European Free … Read more »

Maersk embraces digital transformation with Microsoft

Global transport and logistics powerhouse Maersk has joined forces with Microsoft in a strategic move to revolutionise its supply-chain management and global trade. From its connected vessels to its transportation economics, the company is betting on Microsoft to fuel growth and power logistics globally. This agreement means that Microsoft has been … Read more »

UBS uses the Microsoft Cloud to save costs and improve its services

UBS, the world’s largest wealth manager, is turning to Microsoft Azure cloud technology to reduce its dependency on legacy technology, while finding new ways to leverage digital channels, and rethink how its businesses and people work. “Tremendous transformation is taking place in the financial services industry, and technology is increasingly … Read more »