February 6, 2014
Web developers have saved more than 1 million hours using modern.IE

Since modern.IE was launched last year, developers have “saved over 1 million hours testing for Internet Explorer,” writes Jason McConnell on the Exploring IE blog. “We launched modern.IE with the simple aim of helping Web developers test their sites with IE and are thrilled to find that the site has made a real impact after just one year.”

January 22, 2014
IE wants you to ‘Rethink’ the Web for everything it can be

“Rethink,” a showcase of how Internet Explorer is helping to create a Web that is “fast, beautiful and perfect for touch,” was announced Wednesday. “Rethink is about where the Web has come from and where it can go with a modern browser like Internet Explorer,” writes Roger Capriotti, Internet Explorer marketing senior director, in a blog post.

December 14, 2013
Find out how your Web app performs on IE11 and other browsers

As the IEBlog reports, the W3C Web Performance working group (together with Google, Mozilla, and other community leaders) has standardized the Navigation Timing, Resource Timing, User Timing and Performance Timeline interfaces to help you understand the performance of navigating, fetching resources and running scripts in your Web application.