Microsoft highlights key growth factors for Thai SMEs in digital era, presents special offers for world-class, cloud-based productivity with Office 365

 |   Thornthawat Thongnab

Bring newfound capabilities and agility to every organization,
starting at just 82 baht per user per month

Bangkok, 18 September 2018 – Microsoft Thailand has revealed strategic guidelines that can drive Thai SMEs to greater heights – complete with confidence from enterprise-grade technology from Office 365, the cloud-based productivity suite that enables every person and every organization to be productive anywhere, any time. Furthermore, businesses signing up for Office 365 before 31 December 2018 can take advantage of special prices starting from just 82 baht[1] ($2.50) per user per month.

Today, small and medium enterprises across Thailand account for 42.4% of Thailand’s gross domestic product (GDP), making them a significant driving force behind the growth of the Thai economy. Looking at the big picture, Microsoft and IDC expect digital transformation to drive Thailand’s GDP growth by an average of 3.7% per year until 2021, exceeding initial forecasts made by the World Bank by 0.4% or $9 billion (295 billion baht).

Somsak Mukdavannakorn, One Commercial, Small and Midmarket Solutions & Partners Lead, Microsoft (Thailand) Limited, said, “Every business today is facing intense competition, and the size of a business is no longer an indication of capability, competitive advantage, or potential to succeed. With the world now driven by digital technologies, SMEs have to focus on developing five key capabilities to increase their competitive capacity: agility, trustworthiness, scalability, responsiveness, and inventiveness.”

Microsoft’s research also indicates that Thai businesses expect technology to make the biggest difference in increasing revenue from new products and services as well as retaining current customers, followed by improving productivity, increasing profit margin, and increasing revenue from existing products and services. While most businesses are already well aware of the benefits that digital innovations can bring, only 7% are successful enough as a leader in digital transformation, while the other 93% remain followers of the trend.

Somsak added, “SMEs can achieve success in their digital transformation journey by starting out with a strong foundation – from effective productivity tools and efficient ways to connect, communicate, and collaborate to a secure infrastructure that serves the organization.”

Microsoft has developed Office 365 to fulfill these key requirements with professional-quality tools and platforms that allow businesses of any size and scale to operate on the same level as a large enterprise – including business-grade email service, cloud-based document storage and sharing through OneDrive for Business, online meetings and collaborative work with Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams, and more.

Dherakupt International Law Office Limited (DRKI) is an example of a successful SME elevated by Office 365. As a modern law firm operating with exceptional agility, DRKI’s team of legal and financial experts brings a wide range of proficiencies that cover matters such as the capital market, mergers and acquisitions, taxation, and more. In addition to communication and collaboration tools, Office 365 also offers the team a set of effective and efficient tools for document creation, editing, and management.

Anuphan Kitnitchiva Ph.D., Senior Partner of Dherakupt International Law Office, said, “A law firm faces the challenge of working within tight time constraints while also ensuring absolute precision under the letter of the law. Each case has its own unique nuances that require the skills of our expert consultants, who may be operating alone in the field or working in tandem with a team. Our goal is to work by making the most of our own time as well as the client’s time while also keeping all information safe and secure. Office 365 is able to fulfill these requirements, bringing to the table world-class security and privacy standards that cover everything from cloud-based data storage to the ability to control access to sensitive information.”

“In addition to essential productivity apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, we also utilize Visio to create diagrams and flowcharts for specific situations – such as an organization’s internal restructuring after a merger. On the collaboration front, we are considering the use of Teams, which is a full-fledged hub for team collaboration, to bring the best out of everyone at DRKI.”

SMEs seeking to take their business operations to the next level can take advantage of a special offer for Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials, which delivers solid core systems such as email, cloud-based file sharing, and video conferencing along with familiar Office apps for tablets and smartphones – available now at a 50% discount for just 82 baht ($2.50) per user per month. Alternatively, take your business to the next level with Office 365 Business Premium, which includes full Office desktop applications and solutions designed to meet specific business needs such as Bookings and Outlook Customer Manager, at 20% off for 327 baht ($10) per user per month. Both offers are available until 31 December 2018.

For further information and inquiries on Office 365 for business, contact Microsoft Thailand at

[1] $1 = 32.65 baht; exchange rate as of 13 September 2018