Microsoft advises Thai organizations to go fully digital and overcome pandemic challenges, underlines key role of technology partners in accelerating success

 |   Thornthawat Thongnab

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Joint work with Thai partner Fusion Solution results in two digital transformation success stories from two different challenges

  • Expanding role of cloud opens up unprecedented opportunities for organizations
  • Partner’s role underlined in interpreting challenges and driving business together by making the best use of digital innovations
  • Organizations urged to identify key priorities, open up to new learnings, and respond to change to achieve resilience

Bangkok, 7 May 2021Microsoft Thailand has joined forces with Fusion Solution Co., Ltd. to emphasize the need for businesses to accelerate their business transformation by leveraging digital innovation to its full potential. To demonstrate the capability of technology to open up new opportunities and add value in current circumstances, the two companies are highlighting two success stories from Thai organizations as examples of strategic adaptation in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Public and private organizations around the world now face unprecedented pressure to adapt to vast changes in market conditions and lifestyles amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. Microsoft’s surveys in both Asia Pacific and North America have unearthed a consistent conclusion with 61% of organizations in North America and Thailand deciding to accelerate their digital transformation as a response. Given this increasing pace, many organizations need partners to help them think, plan, learn, and adapt to address their needs with technology as quickly as possible.

By accelerating the process of adaptation under external pressures, many organizations have become aware of the gaps that still need to be filled in many areas. For example, in Thailand, approximately 39% of organizations are unable to use their existing data to develop better products and services, and only 47% have managed to use technology to achieve true business transformation or build resilience.

Mr. Somsak Mukdavannakorn, Deputy Managing Director, Commercial Partner for Microsoft Thailand, stated, “An accelerated digital transformation process requires a partner who truly understands the challenge at hand. In Thailand, we have been working closely with a wide network of partners in supporting Thai organizations to overcome their challenges. We are also delighted to have worked with partners who operate with fascinating concepts and ideas – such as Fusion Solution.”

Award-winning partner Fusion Solution shares guidance on digitalizing businesses by making the most of the innovation in your hands

Fusion Solution Co., Ltd. has been a Microsoft partner since 2008, the Fusion team continues to strive in developing their capabilities. Recently, the company won Microsoft Thailand’s Partner of the Year 2020 award in the Azure Rookie category while also capturing the top prize in the Power Up Hackathon for Thai SMEs 2021 with its “M365POS” point-of-sale system.

Two men behind Microsoft logo signageSeksan Dusadeeviroj, Sales Director of Fusion Solution Co., Ltd, said: “In my view, Microsoft products and services have been an integral part in the lives of working people throughout the years. Today, Microsoft’s platform has vastly expanded its scope and capabilities, especially in the field of Cloud and Data, to the point that it is now ready to fully meet the changing needs of today’s business. For us, the most important thing in working with our clients is to encourage them to understand and use the technology they have in their hands to the fullest potential. In many cases, this approach can provide effective responses to various issues in the organization or even help drive business transformation into a more complete digital model with little to no additional investment.”

One of the most compelling success stories under Microsoft’s partnership with Fusion is Food Project (Siam) Co., Ltd. – a full-fledged food service provider that has built upon its 33 years of industry experience to better fulfill the needs of food business customers such as restaurants, hotels, airlines, and fresh markets as well as SMEs and industrial operations. The company is also expanding into the retail market.

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“Food Project (Siam) is meeting these new challenges with technology. The customer service aspect of the company has grown rapidly, and the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the past year has made agility even more important. This is especially true in the food industry with its wide range of products from multiple sources and very different customer needs. One of the most fitting solutions for Food Project (Siam) is Power Apps, a custom application development platform for use in organizations,” Mr. Seksan revealed.

Mr. Danupob Sattroolee, Deputy Management Information System Director, Food Project (Siam) Co., Ltd., added: “As a trading company, the sales team is one of our most important units in the organization. They had to deal with both frequent travel and physical documents while also managing 1,500 different food products with varying delivery times and shelf lives. This led us to recognize a need to create digital tools that can help our sales teams work more efficiently. With guidance from Fusion Solution, we have taken the tools we already have on Microsoft 365, whether it is data analytics with Power BI, or building new applications in Power Apps, to quickly develop our own applications in just a few days. We can test these apps internally and make changes to fit the feedback we receive, enabling us to meet everyone’s needs.”

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Sales staff can now view live information in inventory, sales, and customers conveniently on an application developed by Food Project. This application can be used both on smartphones and other mobile devices, effectively simplifying the communication process that once spanned multiple departments and resulting in more efficient sales to customers. This not only reduces errors or duplication of communication but also helps to close the sale quickly. Power BI, meanwhile, keeps track of the latest data and displays the results as a report to instantly see the latest situation. All of these changes were implemented in less than a year.

Another successful story of business-driven technology partnership is Asia Cab Company Limited, who worked with Microsoft and Fusion Solutions to lay the foundation for Thailand’s first fully integrated taxi service, “Cabb”.

Front grille close-up of Cabb taxi

Mr. Seksan said, “In the case of Cabb, this is a relatively new company that has proven the value and impact of the cloud in today’s landscape and created business opportunities that go far beyond previous expectations. Microsoft Azure has enabled the Cabb service to become data driven from end to end with a system that combines data from drivers, passengers and the central control room into one stream. This ultimately leads to the fastest service possible and the highest satisfaction for passengers and drivers alike. Cabb is also able to better manage its internal resources with expenses that match actual usage of the cloud, which can rise and fall based on real-time demand.

Mr. Somsak added: “The different needs of each organization has led Microsoft to get involved both as a technology platform provider and an advisor that matches the right customer with the right partner based on the challenges at hand. We are ready provide support both in terms of technological know-how and problem solving under one goal: leading organizations to overcome challenges with technology. Our customers’ success also defines success for Microsoft and our partners.”

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