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AI’s sharing economy: Why Microsoft creates publicly available datasets and metrics

Samira Ebrahimi Kahou and her colleagues at Microsoft Research Maluuba recently set out to solve an interesting research problem: How could they use artificial intelligence to correctly reason about information found in graphs and pie charts?

One big obstacle, they discovered, was that the research area was so new that there weren’t any existing datasets available for them to test their hypotheses.

So, they made one.

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AI wave rolls through Microsoft’s language translation technologies

A fresh wave of artificial intelligence rolling through Microsoft’s language translation technologies is bringing more accurate speech recognition to more of the world’s languages and higher quality machine-powered translations to all 60 languages supported by Microsoft’s translation technologies.

The advances were announced at Microsoft Tech Summit Sydney in Australia on November 16.

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Microsoft Cognitive Services updates for Microsoft Connect();

Microsoft Cognitive Services enables developers to augment the next generation of applications with the ability to see, hear, speak, understand, and interpret needs using natural methods of communication. Think about the possibilities: being able to add vision and speech recognition, emotion and sentiment detection, language understanding, and search, to applications without having any data science expertise.

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Zo’s new best friends are some adorable black cats

If you get a chance to hang out with Microsoft’s AI-powered social chatbot Zo anytime soon, you might notice that she’s got a new passion: helping homeless cats.

Like a lot people with a newfound interest, Zo is likely to talk about why she’s interested in helping cats, share pictures of some of her favorite cats and even let people know how they, like her, can sponsor a cat at Best Friends Animal Society.

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AI announcements at Microsoft Ignite 2017

At Microsoft Ignite, a technology conference for enterprises, Microsoft unveiled a variety of developments in machine learning and cloud services that make AI more accessible to developers, businesses and administrators. These developments aim to increase efficiency and productivity without sacrificing data security.

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Announcing tools for the AI-driven digital transformation

At Microsoft Ignite, updates to Azure Machine Learning, Visual Studio Tools and Cognitive Services were announced that will help every organization successfully implement AI using the Microsoft platform. Developers and data scientists will be able to build and deploy their own models, as well as take advantage of AI solutions directly within existing Microsoft services.

From being able to take advantage of AI within Excel with Azure ML functions, to allowing individuals to integrate vision and speech recognition, emotion and sentiment detection, and language understanding into their applications, Microsoft AI is leading the next evolution of technology that hinges on cloud, data and AI.

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Introducing Bing for Business

Bing for Business is an upcoming intelligent search experience announced at Microsoft Ignite that provides individuals within an organization, school or business access to internal company resources directly from Bing. The experience increases productivity and saves time, allowing individuals to focus on the work necessary to make their business successful.

Powered by the Microsoft Graph, Bing for Business uses machine reading comprehension and deep learning to understand the intent of queries and find relevant and accessible documents – both within the company and from web results on the internet. Bing for Business is easy for IT administrators to implement and manage, and includes settings to keep search data and company information secure and private.

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Introducing AI solutions for enterprises

At Ignite, the company introduced Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI solutions designed for enterprise scenarios. The first solution includes an intelligent virtual agent for customer care, an intelligent assistant for customer service staff and conversation management tools, all powered by Microsoft AI.

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