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Ministry of Economy modernizes SINE

The objective is to promote a greater digital autonomy for workers and employers through a new selection process method. The Ministry also plans to provide new labor intermediation features within the Digital Worker Labor History Registry’s mobile application

The Special Secretariat for Productivity, Employment and Competitiveness of the Ministry of Economy (SEPEC/ME by its Portuguese acronym) has just taken another step to make the services in SINE more efficient for workers. The new tool, which is available ever since April 9, Friday, was implemented to improve not only to ease services’ load at the offices, but to streamline the process of redirecting the worker to the offered vacancies.

The new support tool, which is part of the Technical Cooperation Agreement between Pasta and Microsoft, is targeted towards the attendants of the SINE network stations, which through the use of AI, can offer individualized services. It focuses on the individual difficulties of employability of those who seek a professional placement, in addition to providing business intelligence information to the SINE system’s regional and national managers.

The special secretary of Sepec/ME, Carlos Da Costa, explained that this will be done through information crossing of the labor market on the worker’s locality with the information contained in the SINE digital platforms. «It will be possible to recommend vacancies with characteristics similar to the ones that in the past generated interest in the specific worker, presenting information about the behavior of the labor market in relation to activities of interest, or professions most in-demand in the local area,» he said.

“At Microsoft, we believe that both technology and AI have enormous potential to become one of the main drivers of Brazil’s social and economic recovery and development. The deployment of this SINE modernization project, which is fully AI-based, reinforces our long-term commitment to the country, which has lasted for 32 years, and is an example of how technology, when used correctly, can generate great benefits for society, «says Tânia Cosentino, General Manager at Microsoft Brazil.

In addition, together with other SINE tools, the remote care of workers by the SINE NETWORK’s regional/local managers will be subsidized, carrying out the intermediation process.

The deployment of the Intelligent Professional Guidance platform within the SINE service units will be carried out gradually. The launch will initially serve the SINE partner entities in the states of Paraná, Minas Gerais, Ceará and Bahia so that the professional guidance processes can be improved first. After that, the platform will be made available to the other partner states and, later, to the SINE partner municipalities.

The Ministry of Economy will also provide new labor intermediation features starting from April 16. With these new services, which are accessible from the portal, workers and employers will enjoy a greater autonomy during the selection process, avoiding unnecessary worker displacement and increasing the referral’s accuracy. The availability of all these new features in the Digital Worker Labor History Registry is under evaluation.

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