Barcelona College of Nursing migrates email to the cloud with Office 365

By Lisa Boch-Andersen, Senior Director for Communications Europe, Microsoft Europe

The Official College of Nursing of Barcelona (Col•legi Oficial d’Infermeres i Infermers de Barcelona) has chosen Microsoft Office 365 to improve its communications systems. The project is part of the Catalan organisation’s commitment to offer the best possible service to its more than 38,000 members.

“Microsoft was selected for offering more security guarantees and greater functionality.”

The Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite has optimized the processes of the Official College of Nursing of Barcelona, which had a legacy infrastructure based on Exchange that entailed high costs of hosting and maintenance that have now been simplified and dramatically reduced thanks to the cloud. Office 365 allows the College to benefit from significant IT cost savings by eliminating tedious maintenance tasks while at the same time providing a safe, modern and efficient email system.

Softeng was the technology partner selected by the Official College of Nursing of Barcelona for the migration, which was completed on time and perfectly adapted to the technology infrastructure.

Simpler change management

“The email service that we were providing to more than 38,000 members had become obsolete and was very expensive to maintain. The option to invest in improving it was unfeasible due to the cost and Softeng proposed to us the solution to migrate to the cloud with Office 365,” explains Antoni Torrejón, director of Systems and ICT at the College.

It was a complex project, due to the volume of users and the need for integration with the Official College of Nursing of Barcelona’s management software, but Antoni Torrejón is very satisfied with the work done by the systems integrator: “Softeng completed the migration and change management with efficiency and precision, keeping to deadlines and expected costs, and demonstrating why it is a market leader in Microsoft and cloud technology.”

The Barcelona institution evaluated other options available in the market, but eventually chose Microsoft without hesitation: “Microsoft offered more guarantees of security and legal compliance, as well as greater functionality. In addition, migration to Exchange Online meant a smaller investment and the change management was much more simple,” reveals Torrejón.

More than four months after the completion of the project, members enjoy an excellent messaging service with Office 365. “We are very satisfied with the result,” said the director of Systems and ICT at the college, an institution that plans to progressively improve its IT infrastructure and take advantage of all the benefits offered by the Office 365 suite.

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