‘Tis the Season for Festive Greetings

Festive greetings are one of the most important yet simple ways for us to share our love at Christmas. We always look forward to showing friends and family just how much they mean to us at this special time of year, and a festive card does just that.

From jingle bells to snowflakes, fairies to elves; our idea of what Christmas stands for and means to us is often painted on the greeting cards we send to one another. We love the idea of creating our own Christmas cards using Surface and Surface Pen, so we asked German artist Silan Bekjarov to create six new designs for anyone to use.

Bekjarov’s designs are fun, creative and capture the holiday spirit. To download and share these cards with your friends and family, use the links with the images below.

Or why not explore your own creative side with the Surface Pen and make your own cards?

Download here.


Download here.



Download here.



Download here.



Download here.



Download here.


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