Microsoft Intune for Education supercharges schools with incredible device management powers

Intune for Education

Microsoft has unveiled Intune for Education – the ultimate all-in-one solution for schools that want to set up and manage every aspect of their devices safely, with incredible ease.

Announced at Bett in London this week, the new cloud-based platform will bring with it a host of incredibly useful features that place it at the forefront of any IT admin or teacher’s educational arsenal.

Tailored specifically for schools, Intune for Education allows quick and easy Windows 10 device setup with pre-configured safety and security policies, along with an express configuration mode which lets admins set up individual devices using nothing but a USB stick and the press of a few buttons.

Apps and custom settings can be tailored to many different groups such as various school grades and courses, and machines can also be configured for carrying out academic tests in a secure, controlled environment.

Over 150 settings can be customised and applied across different hardware, apps, browsers, the start menu and more, and these settings will in turn follow all users across any devices they sign in on.

Integration with Microsoft cloud services such as Office 365 Education is also supported, along with integration with School Data Sync, allowing automatically created groups based on school roster data.

For more information on Intune for Education, please visit the official Windows Blog.

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