Tapping into the Cloud: how Carlsberg uses Azure to understand its customers

With 46,000 employees, 150 markets and 140 brands, Carlsberg Group – one of the world’s leading brewery companies – is no stranger to big numbers. But it wants more than impressive stats. It wants to get to know its customers better than ever.

“The Moment of Truth” is Carlsberg’s Holy Grail for understanding its customers – knowing exactly where and when they are deciding to drink a beer, so that the company can influence that decision, at the right time, with the right device, in the right channel.

It’s an important, but ambitious goal, and it’s made possible thanks to Microsoft’s Azure cloud service.

The power of the cloud

Demonstrating the power of embracing technology with digital transformation, Carlsberg Group has decided to move its digital innovation to Azure, opening up a plethora of state-of-the-art tools, services, unlimited (and scalable) computing power, as well as a safe environment to develop, test, and deploy new applications and services at a blistering pace.

Etienne Dock, VP CTO, Carlsberg Group believes that “This digital journey is by gathering information – enabling IoT by being able to store the massive amount of volume into data lakes, and then of course, making sense of them by using technology such as artificial intelligence.”

Beyond gathering and analysing data, Azure also provides the highest level of security, to ensure that information is secure at all times:

“We also use Azure as an innovation platform. The benefits of Azure in terms of IT security are threefold. We can ensure that the data is well protected and under our control. We can ensure that our intellectual property is secured, and finally, we can leverage tools like Azure Active Directory in order to secure the employees that are going to access our innovation platform.” – Laurent Huffschmitt, Senior Director of Enterprise Architecture, Carlsberg Group.

In the future, Carlsberg Group will continue to innovate, with advanced tools in Azure such as Power BI, artificial intelligence and IoT to segment and target customers, while gaining new insights by analysing data across its many markets.

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