Real Madrid’s virtual stadium app lets you explore the Bernabéu without leaving your sofa

Walking through the stands at the Bernabéu is a hallowing experience for football fans.

The iconic stadium, home to one of the most followed clubs in the world, Real Madrid, is an impressive sight to behold in person – but not every one of the club’s millions of fans worldwide can make the journey.

To bring its home closer to fans around the world, the club has released Real Madrid Virtual World – an app which quite literally puts the Bernabéu in the palm of your hands.

Developed by Astosch Technology in collaboration with Microsoft, the app provides an accurate 3D virtual representation of the stadium which fans can explore via an on-screen virtual avatar, which they can customise to recreate their likeness.

From exploring virtual trophy cabinets, rooms and viewing kits and interviews and a vast majority of other unpublished content, the app truly brings Real Madrid fans directly to the centre of the club’s rich legacy.

In addition to exploring the virtual stadium, users are also treated to the club’s history while communicating and interacting with other fans’ avatars, regardless of their origins or language. This is made possible by Microsoft’s translation tools which allows users to write in their native / chosen language, while other recipients receive messages automatically translated to their chosen language. Users can also share their experiences at any time through their social networks.

Jesus Serrano, Sports Business Development at Microsoft states that “The platform provides gamification and virtual rewards, and all of these capabilities are connected with the rest of the digital assets in Real Madrid’s main app, website, and other games.”

The application is born fully integrated into the club’s existing digital platform developed by Microsoft in partnership with Real Madrid, and directly connected to the Real Madrid App. Available for free on iOS and Android and compatible with VR headsets, the new app extends the club’s reach even further, connecting it to even more fans and potential customers from around the world.

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