Hour of Code 2018: spreading the wonders of coding to children across Europe

Two children learning to code on a laptop

Coding lies at the heart of almost every single thing we do in today’s digitized world. From online banking and social media, to gaming and workplace collaboration, the importance of coding is growing exponentially.

Due to the importance of coding, computer science has become fundamental to the modern workplace – so much so that the European Commission predicts 90% of jobs in Europe will require digital skills by 2020. But with 45% of EU business leaders stating that a lack of skills is holding back the digital economy, it’s clear that we need to do all we can to inspire the youth of today, to prepare them for the world of tomorrow.

Hour of Code is a yearly initiative during which companies such as Microsoft work towards spreading the passion for coding to as many people as possible. This year, Hour of Code is running from 3-9 December, as a global event dedicated to inspiring and encouraging people of all ages around the world to dive into the fascinating world of coding.

Microsoft is running activities all across Europe, bringing together students, teachers and policymakers, to help ensure that as many people as possible are inspired by the increasingly important skill of coding.

The interactive map below shows off a taste of some of the activities on offer, and it will be updated with more information, pictures and videos as the week progresses, so stay tuned.

If you feel like kick-starting your own coding journey then check out our comprehensive introduction to coding, complete with a whole host of resources to begin our coding adventure. Happy coding!

Microsoft Europe’s Hour of Code (hover over map for more info)


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