Vive la AI: 18 months in, Paris-based AI Factory creates new jobs, raises 12 million euros, and welcomes 11 new startups

Station F, Paris, exterior

One and a half years ago, Station F opened its Parisian doors to 1,000 small technology companies from around the globe, to help visualise their dreams.

Dubbed the world’s largest startup campus, Station F launched with Microsoft’s AI Factory – an on-site Artificial Intelligence program, designed to help startups develop AI proof-of-concept projects by offering scientific, technological, and business expertise. The AI Factory aligns with Microsoft France’s commitment to the development of trusted and ethical AI in France, which is also bolstered by the company’s AI skills programme and Paris-based AI School.

Now 18 months into its launch, Microsoft has supported 17 startups to date, creating nearly 100 new jobs and raising 12.2 million euros. Stéphane Delorme, CEO of participating startup Craft.AI, states that “We have fully benefited from the contributions of Microsoft’s AI Factory. Last year was an opportunity for us to exchange knowledge and share best practices with other startups in the community. We also had the opportunity to work with Microsoft on joint projects, to meet a qualified group of key accounts, and recruit new technical profiles, including four data scientists and three Machine Learning engineers.”

Thanks to the AI Factory, startups such as Craft.AI have seen visible acceleration in growth. Recast.AI, another participating startup, for example, found success in the programme and was purchased by SAP last April. Following these successes, the AI Factory at Station F will continue to help startups leverage the power of AI to prepare France for its strong technological future. With that in mind, 11 new startups will be recruited to the AI Factory at Station F.

“We are very excited to host a new 11 startups at the AI Factory. Selected for their high potential, each of them has what it takes to revolutionize their field,” explains Alain Bernard, CEO of Microsoft Partners France. With advanced expertise in sectors such as the environment, health, logistics, luxury goods and finance, these start-ups all offer innovative solutions for businesses, individuals or society.

By joining this program, the selected startups benefit from Microsoft’s unique approach, based on a partnership of technical, marketing, business and local support, thanks to the support of joint research teams.

Station F interior
Station F’s main lobby

Meet the startups

  • eOdynis launching the first collaborative maritime routing service. By analysing the ocean current data observed by all vessels on the planet, the eOdyn solution can significantly improve the energy efficiency of ships.
  • By developing medical devices on a smartphone, Ad Scientiam improves the follow-up and care of patients in their daily care pathways.
  • By transforming raw data into actionable conclusions for scientific decision-making, Eagle Genomics is accelerating innovation in biology, particularly for microbiome research.
  • Pososuses the latest advances in automatic language processing to query any biomedical content with a simple question to provide the most relevant answer.
  • Data & Dataprovides artificial intelligence solutions for fashion, luxury and cosmetics brands to evaluate and optimize their online distribution. Ultimately, the solution is also an aid to detect, measure and fight against the parallel market and counterfeiting.
  • Tilkeeoffers an artificial intelligence solution in SaaS that can increase sales. Their solution tells salespeople the best way to boost their prospects and the perfect time to shorten signing times.
  • Xtramile is the first smart sourcing solution for candidates that optimizes targeting and sorting applications
  • With an advanced AI engine, Dathena offers an inclusive software platform that helps companies automatically classify documents, secure sensitive information and protect personal data.
  • DreamQuark isdeveloping Brain, a platform that enables financial services to build AI applications and generate predictable predictions for marketing, risk, fraud and compliance.
  • ActiveEonaccelerates the development and execution of AI and Machine Learning, Big Data analysis, and simulations with ML Open Studio, on-site & Azure.
  • Vekia is a Saas solution specialized in optimizing inventory management and replenishment.

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