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Focus Friday

Friday. The excitement of the coming weekend, that feel-good playlist blaring in the background and reflections of the past week’s successes – staying productive can be difficult.

For employees and businesses alike, creating a culture that beats the productivity lag is crucial.

When people have the technology they need to collaborate and work seamlessly, productivity goes up.  If they feel they can perform at their best every day, it also improves quality of work and engagement. But the way we work is evolving faster than ever before. From the spaces we work in to how teams are organized and collaborate, people are continuously finding new ways to adapt and thrive.

At Microsoft, we believe that technology empowers individuals to collaborate wherever they are and enables them to do more of the work they love.

To breathe life into this belief, join us every Friday as we speak to people from a variety of professions across Europe and the Middle East about how technology helps them become more productive and focused.

Check in every week to find out how people tackle a task with complete focus, energy and passion – even on Fridays. 

man on bike

Keeping your head in the cloud while on the road

Originally from Spain, Jon Oleaga is a journalist, entrepreneur and marketer. He thinks of himself as a “world citizen”, spending up to five months of the year in Madrid, and dividing the rest of his time between San Francisco, Colombia and various European countries. 

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The beauty of technology: making time for what really matters

The star of this week’s Focus Friday is Clara Trindade, Human Resources Director at L’Oréal in Portugal. She currently lives in Lisbon, but is no stranger to globetrotting, having lived in eight countries across three continents. 

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Health at hand – How technology is helping Nick McQuire to keep track of his life and health

We speak with Nick McQuire from Twickenham in the UK about his life as Vice President and Head of Enterprise Research at CSS Insight, and how he uses technology to manage everything in his life remotely – from work and banking, and even his health.   

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OneNote helps Stale Hansen build work-life harmony

In this week’s Focus Friday, we speak to Stale Hansen Founder, CEO and Principal Cloud Architect at CloudWay. As CEO, Stale’s responsibility is to help the company innovate, and its customers to implement cloud solutions using best practice techniques. 

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Running with ease: how tech helps Mark Torr blur distances and stay connected

Today, we speak with Mark Torr in Heidelberg, Germany about his work as the Microsoft Central and Eastern Europe Business Lead for Data, AI and IoT and how he uses technology. 

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How technology has become an integral part of Petr Mara’s life

Petr Mára, a public speaker, content creator and digital trainer from Prague in Czechia leads workshops and presentations teaching others how to use the latest technologies in the most productive way.

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