Prakerja and Microsoft Launch Talenta AI Indonesia Program to Empower 100,000 Youths with AI Skills

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A photo of a man and three women holding a signed memorandum of understanding

L-R: Nuryani Yunus, SE., ME. – Assistant Deputy for Employment Ecosystem Harmonization as PIC of Deputy for Coordination of Digital Economy, Employment and MSMEs, Denni Puspa Purbasari – Executive Director of Implementing Management for the Pre-Employment Card Program, Dharma Simorangkir – President Director Microsoft Indonesia, Supahrat Juramongkol – Community Engagement Lead Microsoft ASEAN

Jakarta, 14 September 2023 – Pre-Employment Card Program Implementation Management (Prakerja) together with Microsoft Indonesia officially launched the Talenta AI program to equip 100,000 individuals across the nation with AI skills. Designed to empower talents and the workforce in Indonesia to keep up with and navigate today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape that is increasingly powered by AI, the program stems from the Skills for Jobs Indonesia that Microsoft launched with the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs (CMEA) in early 2023. In implementing the program, Prakerja and Microsoft Indonesia join hands with non-profit organizations Biji-biji Initiative and Skilvul as the implementing partners.

Executive Director of Implementing Management for the Kartu Prakerja Program, Dr. Denni Puspa Purbasari explained, “In a world where artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing at an unprecedented pace, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or even threatened. But at Prakerja, we see AI not as a challenge, but as a vast ocean of opportunities. Imagine using AI to improve agricultural yields, streamline local market supply chains, enhance e-commerce platforms tailored for local crafts, or even develop traffic management systems for bustling cities. As the industry evolves, the demand for diverse skills, including those related to AI, grows exponentially. Whether it’s employing AI to optimize fishery routes, support local artisans in reaching global markets, or develop mobile banking solutions for remote areas, the future beckons us to adapt and innovate. Upskilling and reskilling are not just trends; they are our passport to a future where we harness AI’s potential to its fullest. Let’s embrace this journey and get ourselves ready for the exciting road ahead.”

Through the Talenta AI Indonesia program, 100,000 young talents, including alumni, recipients, and registrants of the Pre-Employment Card (Kartu Prakerja) Program, can access independent learning modules in the fields of AI, data, and cybersecurity for free via the page. The modules are specifically designed to meet the needs of all skill levels—from beginners to advanced professionals. Apart from technical capabilities, modules related to career preparation, such as how to make a CV, job interview simulations, and developing soft skills at work are also available in this program.

Of the 100,000 participants, 1,000 of them will receive training guided by industry experts & experienced practitioners, and receive Microsoft certification scholarships. Furthermore, 200 participants will participate in bootcamps, innovation challenges, and job connect facilities such as job fairs, to increase networking opportunities with colleagues and professionals in their fields. Graduates of the Talenta AI Indonesia program who successfully obtain Microsoft certification will also gain exclusive access to SATU Talenta (ONE Talent), a LinkedIn community that connects Microsoft-certified individuals with hiring partners.

President Director of Microsoft Indonesia Dharma Simorangkir emphasized, “According to a study from Access Partnership, the use of generative AI to complement work activities has the potential to open up production capacity of USD 243.5 billion in Indonesia, or equivalent to almost one-fifth of GDP in 2022. To optimize this potential, we need new way of thinking, new skills, and new training to ensure we are ready to welcome the future, and have enough talent that can continue to advance Indonesia. That is why we are honored to continue our partnership with the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy, this time through Prakerja, to prepare Indonesian talent in today’s AI-powered era.”

“Over the last three years, Prakerja has had extraordinary achievements. They have been able to help improve the competence of more than 17 million jobseekers, workers who have been laid off, and/or workers who need to update their skills in Indonesia. Armed with the network coverage that Prakerja and Microsoft have, we hope to be able to reach more and more Indonesian talents wherever they are. Let’s hone our abilities to empower inclusive digital economic growth in Indonesia,” continued Dharma.

Under the big umbrella of Skills for Jobs Indonesia, Talenta AI Indonesia is part of Microsoft’s AI Skills initiative, which seeks to help individuals and communities in various parts of the world learn how to use generative AI. Included in this initiative are:

  • Skill our Future” regional collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to provide AI fluency and digital skills to 2 million young people from underserved, underrepresented, and digitally marginalized communities in Asia. Indonesia is the host for the announcement of this regional collaboration, as well as the first country to run a digital skills improvement program from this program.
  • New, free course developed in partnership with LinkedIn Learning. It includes the first Professional Certificate on Generative AI in the online learning market.
  • Generative AI Skills Grant Challenge, in collaboration with, Microsoft AI for Good Lab, and GitHub. This is a global funding program to support non-profit organizations, social enterprises, and research/academic institutions in training and empowering the workforce to use generative AI; especially for historically marginalized population.

“Our partnership with Microsoft not only amplifies Prakerja’s mission but also paves the way for advanced training in AI, data, and information security. It’s a testament to our commitment to boosting work competencies and entrepreneurial skill, and narrowing the gap for tech talent needs in Indonesia,” Denni continued.

The launch of the Talenta AI Indonesia program, which took place at the office of the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, was carried out at the same time as the launch of other new trainings from Prakerja, as introduced directly by Coordinating Minister Airlangga. Apart from Microsoft’s Talenta AI Indonesia, there is also Hino’s Bus and Truck Driving training conducted in Purwakarta; Bulldozer and Excavator Maintenance offline training from United Tractors; and green skills training such as Modifying Gasoline-Based Motorbikes to Electric Motorcycles in Semarang and Preparing Sustainability Reports in Bogor.

“I hope with the participation of Hino, United Tractors and Microsoft in Prakerja, other large companies and philanthropic institutions can follow suit. I would also like to thank Prakerja and all parties who support Prakerja. Let’s learn and be part of the I’m a Lifelong Learner movement,” concluded Coordinating Minister Airlangga.

L-R: Cecep Saepulloh – Director CEO Remark Asia, Panji Wasmana – National Technology Officer Microsoft Indonesia, Mohammad Rudy Salahuddin – Deputy for Coordination of Digital Economy, Employment and MSMEs, Denni Puspa Purbasari – Executive Director of Implementing Management for the Pre-Employment Card Program, Takashi Muto – President Director Hino, Santiko Wardoyo – Director COO Hino, Muhyudi – Deputy Director for Student Affairs UT School, Alex Sujanto – Director LKP Sinar Nusantara.