People of Microsoft #InclusionInAction
A photo of a man wearing a bowtie

“Yes, it’s about celebrating legacies and achievements. But it’s also about empowering the future.”

Xbox employee Garron Ballard wants everyone—players, developers, and content creators alike—to feel represented and welcome in gaming. For Black History Month, he led a community effort to research and curate games, movies, and TV that highlight Black protagonists and experiences.
Charlotte Yarkoni

“Never stop believing in yourself and what you can accomplish. This year especially—and throughout so much adversity—I’m amazed at what people have achieved.”

As chief operating officer of Cloud and AI, Charlotte Yarkoni has learned what it takes to help equip others for success in their careers. Today, she shares her personal advice with others on how to develop their own careers and support one another.
a photo of Keisha Ebbesen

“I’ve taken the challenge of offering to be a trusted support system to everyone I meet.”

As a first-generation college graduate, Keisha Ebbesen felt a calling to show others what they could achieve. Today, this former recruiter is living out that passion introducing the community to Microsoft’s culture in Atlanta.
Priya Bhandari

“I no longer felt like I had to prove myself in every single way.”

Priya Bhandari learned to code as a way to define her own future. Now as a LinkedIn Coach, she’s helping others like her pave their own paths, too.